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Fastest way of doing seo so that I could get my website in Google search engine within a month.
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    If you have targeted easy to rank keywords and bought an expired domain in the same niche with existing PR and back links then only it will be possible. If yours is a new site and if you want to rank for very difficult keywords within a month then it very difficult even if you use the black hat methods.

    If you are in a hurry you should invest some money in PPC to get immediate ROI. If you do link building using the black hat methods the sooner you will receive the love letter from google informing the manual penalty for your site. Patience and hard work is the key in making money online. You should invest your time or money or both.

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    I would recommend going to Elance to hire a professional to do it for you.

    If you are looking for the fastest way to get it done, id suggest this and let your money work for you.

    With SEO, you will have to wait, but it'd be best to know the right work is getting done by the right person.

    Hope this is helpful!

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    For a niche that is the least bit competitive, the only way you are going to guarantee ranking in just one month, is to buy one of the competitors that is already ranking.
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    That isn't possible these days if you're working with a new domain. Quickest way to rank these days is to have lots of high-quality content across your domain that relates to a single keyword. You want lots of natural longtails, too. Then use social media to generate traffic. If your content is useful, that will lead to backlinks and social-shares.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    SAPE links or any other high PR (true high PR) network.

    Thats the only way you can rank in a month even with a new site, i have done it though before the panda 4.0 not sure if that changes things (haven't tried it again and it was for a case study)
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    you should work with patience and at regular base, if you are in much hurry then you should hire some professional persons for this who are expert in Seo . If you try to do against google law. may be google will ban your site or something other
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    it really depends on your keyword and the quality of work, why not hire a seo company for it.

    if you can provide epic viral content and value on your keyword you can rank in days not month.

    good luck!

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      Its very hard to get our site in search engines. Best way to change the content always which makes to crawl the site . Content is the King of seo.
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    Depend on keywords and your budget. If you have enough money, you can get 1st page within one month in medium competition keywords. And you must have an experience guy to guide how to do it. Some suggestion:
    Build link from high PR link
    Build link from high PR blog network
    Get some social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google+
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    Content is king. Write good content with targeted keywords and you will be fine. All other SEO tactics are time consuming, technical and is very confusing. Not to mention that anything you do today can hurt you in a year when Google changes their algorithm yet again.

    Write good content and that is enough. People share what they enjoy reading. Patience is the key.

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      In my opinion, don't use any kind illegal methods for ranking purposes. Google will ban your website very soon. Please do some hard work and do natural looking link building only. Don't use Direct keyowrds ratio more than 10% at all. Try to use more generic keywords and brand names only and some Naked URLs only. You will see some improvement in ranking very soon.
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    Originally Posted by anushka123 View Post

    Fastest way of doing seo so that I could get my website in Google search engine within a month.
    I heard something like Churn and Burn maybe you might want to give that a try and ruin your site.

    With SEO it's slow and steady!!

    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      I heard something like Churn and Burn maybe you might want to give that a try and ruin your site.

      With SEO it's slow and steady!!

      Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
      One does not simply talk down on churn and burn
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    Originally Posted by jamespitt View Post

    As mentioned before,
    If you want to point us to someone else's content, use a link like everyone else. And if you want to infringe on copyrights I suggest you get a little less lazy and edit telltale signs like this from "your" article.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    If you want to make seo fast then you must take out some money from your pocket. SEO make take some time that's why patience is indeed a virtue and a good practice at the same time.
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    Domain authority is the best way to keyword ranking in google . So write and submit the unique content and improve quality of backlinks of your site.
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    That would be a crash and burn, the rankings would stay on the top only for a short time...
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    For short fast ranking high pr blog networks mixed with some good social spam seems to rank sites pretty quickly. I've heard sape still does the trick but I don't dabble too much in blackhat anymore so I really can't say.
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    There are no any fastest way to rank your site on SE. In the world of google updation, it is very difficult to get rank fastly on SE.It is time consuming process and need quality work to achieve target.
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    Try these Off-Page activities:
    • Use guest blogging
    • Info graphic submission
    • Use web 2.0 pages
    • Create Google+ Page / local listing
    • Create wiki links
    • Be Social: Use Facbook, Google+ twitter.
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    If you target long tailed keyword or low competition than you will be ranked soon, in fact within one month. But with high competition it is very difficult in such less time. Give your self at-least two-three months if you want to follow the right process of working.
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    You have to use social networks for promotion of your website it will help you to increase traffic to your website, black hat SEO can get the traffic and ranking in a very fastest way but as it is an illegal technique I'll not suggest you to use it. Use white hat SEO and create more backlinks for your website.
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    Thanks for sharing . It's useful for me.
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    Social bookmarking is fastest way to get ranking soon
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    its totaly depends upon quality and quantity
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  • Slowly and staidly win the race. don't try short cuts do the ethical seo and enjoy long term 1st page presence on search engine.
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    I think there is no fast and easy way to do seo unless your gonna have some budget and do adwords.
    Website Worth - Know your websites worth, statistics and WHOIS ip lookup.
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    It depends upon your websites niche and the targeted keywords search density and competition percentage as well. You can use some good website which has higher page rank and authority, they can provide you instant traffic and helps to increase page rank of your website.
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    The fastest SEO that I know is PPC or using paid services in which is kinda risky.
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    I my opinion in hurry don't do anything which is against the guidelines of search engines/illegal activity. Yeah, PPC can help you to bring your site up and bit help in seo.

    Are you looking for Magento Custom Development and Android Apps Developer than your search ends here.

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    You should take care of proper keyword density in your website. Apart from this you should include keywords in title of the page, in "meta" section of page. There are long tail as well as short tail keywords that must be synchronized with your niche.
    Well after that for high rank, apply link building and online as well as off-line optimization.
    Note : Keep updating your content from time to time
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    Do the techniques that work. Dont get caught up listening to the seo bloggers. Look at the serps, find out whats working, then copy them.
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    I don't think 1 month would be enough, especially if the keyword you want to pursue is too generic.

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    In my opinion, I think you should concentrate on article marketing and social bookmarking for this short time.
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      Originally Posted by sinhkh87 View Post

      In my opinion, I think you should concentrate on article marketing
      Article marketing has nothing to do with SEO.

      (There was, many years ago, a very misguided way of trying to use article directories and/or Web 2.0 sites for attempted SEO benefits, but it was only ever based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how article directories work. It hasn't worked since at least 2009, and probably for longer than that. That was never "article marketing", anyway - it was "article directory marketing", at best.)

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    First of all the question is quite questionable. "SEO" and "fastest way" doesn't match.
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