I've won a large SEO contract building a 30 expired domains blog network

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Hi everyone,

I have recently won a large seo contract, I am going to build a pr network of 30 sites.

I have built a number of small scale pr networks for myself but never this many for one client.

Do you have any ideas how I can do this safely without their site being banned?

Many thanks,

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    Don't you think if you do not know the answer to that then perhaps you should not have accepted such a contract?
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    Make the sites look as natural as possible.

    If you were going to all make them niche relevant, make sure these sites are on a different topic in the same niche and provide some value.

    Basically, don't leave any kind of footprint.

    And what Mike said, what you did is so wrong. How do you think your client will feel if he saw your post heh
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    Each site on its own hosting account on its own IP. Perhaps you should study the practice of making a PBN before accepting a large contract. I hope it works out for you.
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    Sorry, I didn't realise I had to specify my SEO experience...

    I have 32 monthly paying SEO clients, and have been in business for 6 years. I have ranked my own and my clients sites in Google countless times.

    I understand the basic ways to lower my footprint ie different hosts, different themes/plugins, unique relevant content, keep site similar to how it was before using web.archive.org.

    However, I have not competed for such a competitive keyword phrase before (insurance niche). I have not built a PBN of 30+ sites all pointing to ONE clients website before. Aside from the usual lowering footprint tactics I mentioned above is there anything else I should be doing?

    I am happy to pay for a consultation from an SEO expert who has safely built 30+ PBN to their CLIENTS sites.
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      Jason, have sent you a pm, maybe it helps.

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    I've done a lot of work over the last 4-5 years in the insurance niche. I own and have helped build several other networks relating to insurance totaling somewhere over 250 sites. Depends on what your client wants to target, but from my experience, for most insurance niches, 30 sites is probably thinking too small. If it is something a little more obscure, then you are probably okay.

    Biggest tips... Make them all look like real sites and make sure they do not all only link to your client's site.
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    Stay away from SEO hosting as they are dead give away.
    All your networks must be hosted independently.

    Keep the OBL low and most importantly gun for top quality domains otherwise they will be worthless.
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    If you actually "won" and "SEO" contract, that implies a tad different animal than a "pr network of 30 sites."

    Was the grocery store out of SEO techniques that one would actually use for SEO?

    Or did they say, hey, build us a network of 30 sites? That's not really winning an SEO contract.

    Sure, some of you will be to differ. But how many of you after winning an SEO contract, would
    say, hey! I know! I'll build a network of 30 sites!

    Either 2 scenarios.

    1) They asked for SEO, you came up with 30 site bamboozle.

    2) They asked for 30 site bamboozle, you have no clue, accepted it anyway.

    Bamboozle here is not associated with networks in general.

    Either way, someone is getting bamboozled. Did they approve any such subcontracting
    or trolling in the WF? Are you upfront about having no clue?

    Why not send them here, claim a finder's fee?

    No other industry would accept such nonsense on a regular basis. Well,
    maybe some do. But it just aint right.

    You'd think the real SEO industry would want to put an end to the ol' bamboo!


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      A network made of
      a real site for
      car insurance
      home insurance
      dental insurance
      contractors' insurance
      etc., where real is defined as a site a car insurance agent would have, a home insurance agent would have should not get penalized.

      I have an 18-sites network linking to one site... It's 3 years old. In a different niche. Where 18 sites gets me only to #10 for my main 4 keywords.

      I need more sites in my network.
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