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I got bored, so I was checking the backlinks to 2 sites, and I went to Yahoo Site Explorer ( dot com), and ntered my 2 URLs.

My were results were staggering ... one URL had 166 links, and the other has 174. It was a shock to me because I haven't done any backlinking other than some articles on EZA and some blog site submissions and press releases.

So I then went to google, and did the search string (link://www.url dot com) and Google says I had NO links.

Now I know that I have some links because I've done some... so why has Google not recognized any of my links, but yahoo has those that I linked (on purpose), and some that I didnt' even know that I had?

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    Google doesn't show all your links with the link command. If you want to see your links on Google, sign up for Google's Webmaster Tools.
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    Well i myself sometimes get different results on yahoo and google and i prefer yahoo for checking backlinks and google for page indexing.
    John is also right that you should install analytics as that's the best way to track each and everything and it even gives you clear traffic sources from bing, yahoo or google or even referring sites.
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    I've seen upto a two month delay before backlinks show up in Webmaster Tools.
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    Try typing your website in quotes in the google search box, it tracks all websites out there that have your link embedded anywhere in them (ofcouse those sites have to be indexed in google as well).
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      If you want to find your links, use your site name

      if your site name is

      then search

      "page3chicksarehot" or ""

      It's a good way to find out where your links are coming from.
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    Google does not show up all of your backlinks, moreover some links might get indexed by yahoo,but not yet indexed by google, the best solution is to track your backlinks using google webmasters account.

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    I am sure if we search for "" that will list out the places where your link is placed.....however, If you placed a link in anchor text, I don't think this helps, again you have to follow the method by Matt Cutt....
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