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Anyone think google authorship has an effect on seo?

We've added it to my sites blog as recommended by an seo company working with my site. Coincidentally we did get a little more traffic over the next few days up until now, it could be a coincidence though with other factors but was curious if anyone thought it made a difference or not. At the very least maybe it makes posts look more legitimate to see who's writing the articiles and probably couldn't hurt at least.
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    I think it does help, but not too much. When I added it to one of my sites it helped slightly, I think it just gives more trust and helps make Google realize there is someone behind the site willing to let people know who they are.
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    well as google says it helps anyhow it increases traffic come to your website since rich snippet is more eye catching than normal one
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    Aren't they removing the images from the Google author section in the serps?
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    As I know Google+ has fast catching the attention of SEO Expert due to its perceived effect on SEO ranking and this is all due to Google Authorship.
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    SEO is given traffic for your site.SEO is increase the website ,property ,and given a good page rank .your site is come in the google first page.
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    Google authorship will always increase your websites traffic. It will help to grow peoples confidence on your website.

    Reddy Sekhar,
    SEO Analyst.
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    No drawback.... Probably some (little) traffic. Adds to credibility and trust which makes it worth it.... I did it a short time ago and so far so good....
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