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I found this blogpost when I was doing search on google for YT seo and I like to shear it.

This is not my blog. The guy Brian Dean is probably a member of this forum.

Hope this can help some one.

How to rank youtube videos

are you using the same or similar method to rank your YT video?
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    Can't believe i recommended backlinko in one of my posts.

    I guess he doesn't want to let people know how to rank videos, there is some good advice in it though but that won't rank you (it helps).

    And no i am not using same or similar method to rank my YT videos.
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      Originally Posted by mkgg View Post

      And no i am not using same or similar method to rank my YT videos.
      Is your method more simple? I am trying to learn a bit how to do YT seo or just to figure out to rank for any video. Is there any place you can recommend for me to get more info on YT seo?
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    There's many factors for ranking a video but I find some of the most important to be; making long videos, lots of social signals, embedding the video in as many Web 2.0 posts as possible and getting plenty of comments. There's loads more but those methods work great.
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    Great post!

    Took a look and I'm sure there are many newbies out there who will greatly benefit from this. There are some really key points there on how to properly do YouTube SEO.

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    The YouTube ranking algorithm is very deep. It is as follows -

    on-page seo
    video views
    viewer retention
    channel views
    channel age
    video age
    viewer retention
    number of uploaded vids

    Google on the other hand is just on-page SEO, social signals and backlinks.

    Casey Hicks

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with us about YouTube SEO.I don't have enough knowledge about this. I am just using better quality comments to rank my videos in YouTube, but after reading your information, I got lots of more ideas to rank my videos on YouTube. Thanks for this post.
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    Thanks for sharing this, I just can't seem to find great YT strategies that actually work..Will be checking this out..
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    thanks all for sharing this information.
    i also want to know this
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