Did Google Panda kill the PLR market?

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Besides reworking PLR materials or handing them out as bonuses or using them for email AR chains, can PLR still be used for actual blog posts/niche site articles AS IS?
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    Google dont just rely on the product you are selling. Many factors come into it.
    What links do you have coming into your site,
    What is the quality of these links?
    Are they spammy in anyway?.
    Do you have a over abundance of keywords on your sites Meta.?
    Do your keywords relate to the product or service you are selling?
    How is your traffic coming to your site? By Spam or proper sources?
    What is the PLR product about?

    Google takes all this into consideration now when they look at a site.
    So in answering your question, I think PLR's are still a good source of income for some people, but do some homework before putting up any PLR product.

    Hope this helps.
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    Oh no! I would suggest you never use PLR as is. It should be used as a springboard or framework to help you create a unique article.
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    A few options:

    1) Pull paragraphs at a time out of the article and quote it, adding your own .02 before and after, exactly as a curated post would look.

    2) Change some of the wording (this method works especially well with poor-quality PLR obviously!)

    3) Switch things up. If the PLR seller said they're articles, and most people will then post them on their websites, you instead use those as a short report, and instead break up the short report that you bought and use those as articles.

    4) Don't rely so much on Google
    Are you a newbie who would love to learn how to start making money online? Boy, do I have a free report for you!
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      Originally Posted by Riki Stein View Post

      A few options:

      4) Don't rely so much on Google
      It would be wise to incorporate this into your business model, in my opinion.

      Joe Mobley


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    Not at all but a UN article is always the best for both the reader and for google

    but no it has not hurt the plr market still lots of money to be made there
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    Also google is changing all the time so something that is working now might not work in a few months or even a few weeks
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    I would stay away from PLR in that way, and I'm not even talking about he negative SEO affects...

    PLR articles are mostly comprised JUNK....

    The copy in the articles is terrible and wont turn into leads and sales, it's the type of content people just click away from and doesn't peak their curiosity enough to take the next step...

    Stay away from crap PLR, the best articles will be in the $25-$50 range if you want it to actually turn into sales for you which is the whole point of content marketing.... Not to just hammer the internet with crappy content...
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    But this is an art or valuable thing if you gather information from many sources and display them at one place....... doesn't it sound valuable?

    I had read in an internet marketing book, those people who just gather valuable information on internet, they can also earn money...

    Other thing is......... Google Panda is since 2011, it is correct but after one year, it realizes that it is not doing the good thing, then Google was not too strict to duplicate content and related stuffs, because it has to think of news sites too, rss feed, content syndication etc...
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    I don't think there is any problem using PLR material as blog content as long as you put the content into your own words.
    The structure that PLR article provide is useful you just need to jazz the article up a bit and put your own twist on it.
    Google will never know you have used a PLR article if you put it into your own words.
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    I've seen some articles that are clearly PLR still ranking on the first page of Google. I think if your site has high enough authority then you can get away with some duplicate content. If you're just starting the site then I would avoid it or rewrite it in your own voice and style.
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    Yeah, theres lots of people that dont speak english very well , dont know about a subject, or are just lazy. Theses people still buy lots of plr books and articles . Newbies buy plr stuff too. Theres also people that just still make spam blogs/ auto post blogs.
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    I don't think it was ever a good idea to post PLR on a blog as is. It's not really hard to write an original post. And, if you had to take the time to 'reword' or spin a plr article, then you might just as well go look up an authoritative article on Google and just spin that rather than spinning some poorly researched/written PLR article. Just create your own content, so much simpler. No real time saving methods for that, but just write or hire it done by your own writer, not someone putting out low quality PLR.
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    You have to ask yourself a question - Do you have the time/skills/interest to research any topic online and create a report on it? If yes, then you don't need any PLR for yourself.

    If not, then you don't have a choice as you have to use PLR to start out. You have to make sure that you do enough rewriting of the PLR and keep the original message if not making it better. Over time you will learn a lot and will develop skills to do this yourself.

    In short, use PLR as a starting point, make it unique and enhance it. Learn and develop the skills to become more successful.
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    Beyond Google, think about this -- are you adding ANY value with reworked PLR?

    If you're looking to make quick money, that's one thing, but if you really want an longterm impact and a real business, PLR isn't really an option...
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    Have to agree with most of the posts. Putting up PLR articles without rewriting them is not going to offer much to your site, at best it just adds some filler content to make your site seem bigger. Maybe for churn and burn sites, but definitely wouldn't use for any site you plan on working in for the long term.
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    Yes PLR for seo has been passed

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    From an SEO perspective it almost certainly has, in my opinion.

    Not everyone uses PLR for SEO, though, do they? A lot of people use it for putting together e-books, email newsletters, site content (where they aren't reliant on SEO as a traffic source).
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