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I have an ios app that I want to promote. I created a website for it and as of now, it's not ranking for anything. I contacted an SEO expert and he gave me around 7 keywords that he could guarantee me the top 3 spots for within 2-3 months. However, the combined traffic of all 7 is only around 4500 monthly searches, with 1300 for the highest keyword and some keywords slightly non-relevant to my app (let's assume 4000 monthly searches). I'm trying to target U.S. customers, so only around 70% of the traffic according to google's keyword planner would be what I want; so that would amount to around 2800. Around 60% of the traffic is done from mobile devices, so that would become around 1680. Then there's the fact that my app is only for the ios, which basically cuts it down in half to bring me around 840 daily searches. And then there's the conversion rate, which I have no idea as of now. Of course, this is probably the most pessimistic guess as other traffic from other countries would probably help me generate revenue. I might be able to get an Android version out soon, so hopefully that'll bring it to at least 1680 monthly searches. Do you think it'll be worth it to perform SEO on this site? The numbers look rather abysmal.

Can anyone also tell me about what percentage of traffic usually checks out the second and third spot in the search results? I would assume for the first spot that it would be basically 100%.
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    1st spot 40%
    2nd spot 20%
    3rd spot 10%
    4th spot 5%

    These are just global numbers, it can vary based on a lot of factors.

    Whether it's worth it or not depends on a number of factors as well:

    - Will there be maintenance costs for SEO or is it one time thing?
    - How sure are you that the SEO can guarantee those spots?
    - How much does it cost you to rank for those keywords?
    - How much you make from your visitors?
    - How well does it convert?
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    If he is 'guaranteeing' the top 3 spots, then he isn't an expert in SEO.

    Anyone who is experienced and honest as an SEO practitioner will tell you that nothing is guaranteed.
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      Originally Posted by rendesr View Post

      If he is 'guaranteeing' the top 3 spots, then he isn't an expert in SEO.

      Anyone who is experienced and honest as an SEO practitioner will tell you that nothing is guaranteed.
      With some solid competiton research and if needed website restructuring / adding content, top 3 positions can pretty much be guaranteed if there's no poor backlink history or other major issue's that can't be solved like bad domain history.

      When I build a site myself and do keyword research I reach top 3 positions every single time, too bad I often don't do keyword research and just jump into it blind but even then I can reach the positions I want, it will just take a ton more effort.

      Rare cases that it won't be possible.

      Talking about low/medium competitive keywords btw.

      For the rest it obvious all depends on the budget, medium competition can be quite tough and costly some times, that's why I don't like to guarantee top positions, and if I would offer it it would definitely be too expensive for most as I have to build in a safety margin.
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      Originally Posted by rendesr View Post

      If he is 'guaranteeing' the top 3 spots, then he isn't an expert in SEO.

      Anyone who is experienced and honest as an SEO practitioner will tell you that nothing is guaranteed.
      Isn't that the truth, nice one. Depends if it is long tail or very niche - not clear from the comments - for that details are needed, if so you will have more success, short tail and you are in with the crowd with deep budgets - not going to happen. It depends how detailed your site is, keywords in the domain, etc. The problem is that Business SEO is less effective and Adwords is a capital drain for SMEs, so then you just get to Technical SEO but that is another ballgame.

      You might be better putting the app marketplaces, Themeforest have one now as well. The thing with Business SEO is that it is artistic by nature - ie. qualitative - no fixed rules just combinations of possibilities, 95% of the time leading to a fat zero - some know how to do it, but if they are quoting 2-3mths then that is the standard Google index time so the conclusion would be they have no idea.
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    if he give then first of all check its portfolio for reference because investing money in seo was blind no on give you exact result as you want. but if you are planning and you see result in key word planner its only depend avg so not exactly which you think about searches. and not go with only 3 keyword try major keyword and may be up to go with 20 to 30 keyword then you can earn good amount of money.
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    Any site that can make money is worth performing SEO on. It's as simple as that.
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    Try and have all transparent, like #nik0 said because the site is new, the guy should rank the business. If you go after medium-hard keywords you could have problems and time will grow also the budget. Try and keep it low if you can and also have your plan build up before starting including content. It will be much easier to speed up.
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