How do you contact bloggers?

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I'm in the process of learning SEO. I understand most of the on-site stuff, but the off-site part seems really daunting. I want to make contact with some marketing blogs, but I don't really know how to go about doing that.

My goal is to contact one marketing blogger per day for the next few weeks, but I have a hunch that bloggers won't answer my emails. Is there a better way than to contact them through the website? How do you do it?
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    Step 1: Build a list of relevant blogs you want to contact
    Step 2: Look for contact info on each site
    Step 3: If no info is found (But after you go through your entire list), go back, and check out WHOIS Search for Domain Registration Information | Network Solutions to pull the registered email address
    Step 4: Contact, and profit.
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    You are right buddy. I have a hunch also and on the basis of that I still feel some fear while pitching any blogger for guest blog post.

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    Yea, bloggers can be difficult people, if I were you I would focus on blogs, which accept guest posting (you can filter this out with google). Bloggers providing this option are more eager to answer when you try to contact.
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      Awesome - I appreciate the info!

      I'll definitely look into the blogs that allow guest posts.
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    Marketing bloggers are some of the easiest to work with.

    The reason is because they understand that if you have approached them right and provide them something valuable then it is going to be of benefit to both of you.

    You want to take it seriously, join buzzstream.

    If the marketer you are contacting has a guide on how to contact people... USE IT!

    People love to be seen as an influence and if you use their own techniques to contact them (while also making it clear that you learned the technique from them). They will almost always reply to you and give you a shot at getting something published.

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    The main question is why do you want to contact marketing bloggers? Do you want them to teach you off-site SEO or help you market your blog? If you want to learn off-site SEO, what you need is a membership to a site that teaches SEO or an SEO course.

    If you need someone to help you market your blog, what you need is an SEO company or service.

    Lastly, if you are looking for blogs to guest post on, follow the tips in the posts above mine.
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    Why not just comment on the person's blog post with a very literate comment and then offer to write as a guest blogger. You might get a few leads from doing that. And, you can always be assured a blogger will read their comments, whether or not they respond.

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    Try guest blogging forums and top forums. You will find many.
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    1. Make a list of bloggers in marketing niche with their contact details.
    2. Create something useful on your website so that you can offer them something in return for a link , remember their time is valuable.
    3. Search for email templates , i found few on quicksprout . Search email templates to send bloggers + quicksprout , you will find one. Send the bloggers the same email template.

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    To connect with bloggers you have to share information with them or simply ask for their help.

    For example, your chosen niche is about home schooling... Then find bloggers who write posts about that same niche. Post a comment on their posts and wait for their response. Bloggers reply to comments ALL THE TIME.

    You can search for blogs on Google.
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