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Hey everyone!

I was doing some research this morning on how to find the most profitable keywords when it comes to the YouTube search engine.

As you may already know, YouTube, besides Google, is the largest search engine. So, anyone could definitely see some awesome results if they do their SEO correctly.

Many people may think that the YouTube keyword tool sucks, but it can actually be extremely helpful!

Here is a video where this guy, Jared, explains exactly how to use the YouTube SEO keyword tool, and how to find the most profitable niches to make the most money.

Hope this is helpful!

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    Thanks for the post! Yeah a lot of people do not realize that youtube is so huge and we should use it and post to it as much as we post to our blogs
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    Actually i do advertise the keywords at Adwords first before i begin the SEO process if i find that the keyword is profitable (after i spend around $10-$50) then i begin promoting using it and do the SEO homework! and i think this is the best way to tell if a keyword is profitable or not because no one can predict the commercial value of a keyword without some google advertising help!

    I encourage everyone to do the same as me, doing it will save you money and most important TIME!

    Hope that helps
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    That was nice one dude .

    Enjoy your Holidays with Maximum .. we offers best Software development company in dubai and Qatar,
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    Keywords are the basis of overall marketing. From SEO, PPC and Social Media - Keywords are what every marketing expert should master.
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