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Hey Everyone,

I use market samurai and I am looking at a certain Key Phrase I cant understand why the top 3/4sites are beating me out especially spots 1 and 2? Can someone help me look at this and see what I am missing? Is it Trust Flow, CF??? I dont get it. I added my url at the top to compare learn guitar .net

guitar lessons for beginners

Thank you guys so much!

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    Maybe i can offer some input. I just recently got into guitar myself.

    Your site offers nothing to me as a beginner. Literally nothing but silly little filler content. "oh play guitar everyyyy day!"

    The sites in the top 10 are great, justin guitar is huge with a lot of value. They all have high value content.All have many hours of tutorial videos on youtube, so much real FREE content that they worked really hard to put out. You stand no chance at beating them in the serps..and if you do manage to some how manipulate your way up there...the users will leave your site straight away since you have nothing. Also your site speed is super slow and sort of annoying.

    Your site literally has none of this...just sloppy filler content that has no meaning. Sorry to sound harsh but someone who has been around since 1997 should atleast have 1 youtube video playing 1 Chord...

    Anyway, Your home page blog is going for the keyword "learn guitar online" return search results that are relevant to that topic. A relevant result would be a place where someone can actually learn guitar online. You have a silly little blog post about learn guitar literally have nothing google wants to show in its serps.

    Would you show your friends who are looking to learn guitar your site? Probably not since they can't actually learn anything there. Just redirect your site to a place that actually has value.
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    Originally Posted by ricknap74 View Post

    Hey Everyone,

    I use market samurai and I am looking at a certain Key Phrase I cant understand why the top 3/4sites are beating me out especially spots 1 and 2? Can someone help me look at this and see what I am missing? Is it Trust Flow, CF??? I dont get it. I added my url at the top to compare learn guitar .net


    Thank you guys so much!
    I don't even have to look at the competition link profile to know they're an authority for your keyword, it's right there with the double SERP listing & sitelinks.

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    If you want to rank for: guitar lessons for beginners it might help if that phrase actually appeared on your page. Or even in your entire website. Just once.

    Instead, the home page is screaming spam for learn guitar online. I don't know how Google is evaluating the page, but as a reader it's pretty obvious what is happening and a big turn-off. There is no reason for me to do anything except hit the back button and find a useful site.

    Try this:

    Create a page with the title: guitar lessons for beginners and then write a long page providing useful advice where you don't pay any attention to the words being used. Just write as if you were talking to a friend.

    Later, go back and see if the target phrase appears. If not, then rework some language so it appears a couple times, but none of this h1, bold, alt, etc - which is nonsense ** when so blatantly used to try and spam a keyword ranking.

    This, by itself, is not going to create authority which is needed in a niche like this. But it at least gets you in the game for potentially being able to rank for your target phrase.

    If you look at the graphic Yukon was kind enough to create, do you notice that site actually uses the phrase it wants to rank for? The YouTube video also has your phrase.

    Think of it this way. You wouldn't expect your site to rank for how to walk your dog, because your site is not about that topic. Unfortunately, your site also is not about guitar lessons for beginners, which makes it a tad difficult to rank.

    If you want to work on your authority, how about telling us who you are and why anyone should listen to you.

    I consider myself a pioneer in the online guitar lesson world. I launched Learn Guitar Online With Personalized Guitar Lessons way back in 1998
    Isn't very compelling. Neither is the 'about' page.

    Shouldn't there be 16 years worth of awesome content, testimonials, etc.?

    For a "learn guitar online" site, um, where do have anything to learn guitar online? I found zippo. It reads more like a generic article on EzineArticles than a destination domain where one actually learns how to play guitar online.

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    Lots of criticism here about the website in question so I'm not gonna add to the fire. My advice to you is create a better article that satisfies the needs of anyone looking to learn guitar online. Then build good backlinks to your site.
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    Lots of tough love but it needed to be said. I can't tell you how many people I have to turn away because they come to me with terrible sites filled with duplicate content and over optimized on page factors.

    If you are looking to heat out those authorities, it will likely take a ton of quality content and time developing your site. Build your content around a few keywords and add even more content aiming to provide a better user experience.
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      Hey Guys,
      Thanks for all the replies... Harsh is a good thing I need some tough love. I think I have had this website and it has changed so many times over the years that I am just to close to the forest to see the tree's and burned out on it.

      I wanted to use this site to drive traffic to my basic rock guitar site. So I guess I need to start writing some strong content.
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    Highly recommend finding good writers and outsourcing content creation. I didn't look at your site so I can't comment on your writing skills, but jesus **** i wasted so much time writing content before. If you want to get good at SEO you have to outsource the insanely time consuming aspects like content creation and anything that requires manual labor: WordPress tweaks, building web 2.0's by hand, etc. Think about it: a boss doesn't handle the dirty work. You should be more focused on testing link building methods and offers to promote, etc. Entrepreneur type shit, not grunt work.
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    I think that if you know guitar (your niche) very well, you should be able to write content that is compelling and will offer the reader some instant connection with you = value. I'm pretty new to all of this, but I've seen great progress with my sites just from taking an active interest in what I'm offering the viewer. I'm not seeing that with your site. A lot of times I see sites that are so obviously looking to make a quick buck - like the audience are robotic clickers that are visiting your site just to reward you. I'm not saying your site is like this, and I totally understand burn out, but you will reap what you've sewn into your efforts. It's just as simple as that. Give your guitar learning audience something. If you are a player yourself, offer up some personal tips for the beginner... whatever. SEO is good, but if you practice this way of thinking, and maybe build a facebook page to generate some traffic - thereby linking to your site, I think you'll see some better results - rather than just focusing on the elements of the page that will rank. Like I said, I'm fairly new at this, but that's what I'm thinking! Good luck
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