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helo guys..

pls help me.. suddenly ma site lost 91 backlinks. wat may b d reasn. Its an important project and i have to give explanations. 2 days before i had 1205 links and today when i chkd in webmaster its showing 1114 links only. Where are the rest???
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    You probably had a few referring domains with links on multiple pages of their site pointing to yours, you lose 1-2 referring domains like this and there go your links.
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    Mivid there are a few possibilities how your links can "dissapear". I recommend you to check it in the first place with multiple tools like those:

    If any of their backlink counter will show you the same numbers you have a beer from me Just don't get stressed out and work on your website "the proper way" by adding links over and over again from time to time, you never will have to worry that some of the links you did put are getting lost etc...this is natural and part of the game in SEO. Just don't worry if you play right Goole will play nice with you aswell (really, I mean what I wrote)
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    There could be a ton of reasons.

    A site with a bunch of links could have disappeared.
    Whatever backlink service you are using might have incorrect data.
    Maybe the original data was incorrect and they fixed it.
    Maybe a several webmasters felt your links were spam and deleted them.

    How in the world would anyone here know? If it is that important to you, you should be tracking the links yourself. Then you would know which ones were lost and could investigate what happened.
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