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Hi all,

Several years ago I set up a small blog on Blogger, mostly as a hobby but also with a view to eventually monetizing with AdSense. I got busy, the project was abandoned with only (at a guess) 6 posts on the blog and it's been dormant ever since.

I've decided I want to revive the project, on its own domain on a Wordpress blog. Assuming I can remember the login details for the original, will there be any SEO disadvantages in reproducing those 6 posts on a new site before deleting them (or at least making the blogger blog privtae)? Should I rewrite them, or just start again from scratch?

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    If your old blog does not get traffic then you can reuse it on your new website, there is no problem with that.
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    If i were you i would start your new blog from scratch and simply add backlinks to your new blog from the articles which are 6 years old.

    That' would be the best thing you could do to make them useful.
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    If there's traffic to the old one.
    Do a permanent redirect.
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    You can re-use it but make sure you add onto or change how it is written so google doesn't pick it up as copied material.
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    Thanks for the feedback folks. The original blog doesn't get any traffic, and since it's hosted on blogger there doesn't seem much point in trying to bring it to life. I'll just grab the content and re-edit it a little before using on the new site.
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    Maybe do a little more than just spruce up the content if you decide to reuse it, since it didn't really do much good for you posted as is anyway, traffic wise. Maybe give your content a good looking over to see if there's anything that can be added in terms of value that would make it more appealing to visitors looking for answers and search engines.
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    Good point, Jeffery! It needs some images adding to it, at the very least - spent most of the afternoon slaving over a hot scanner for that very purpose
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