Why do people manually do backlinks when there's software?

by A S M
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Hey everybody hope you had a great weekend.

The majority of the people i know doing backlinks, do them manually. Yet, i found a few software that can almost automatically do it for you, such as GSA search engine ranker , rankwyz and scrapebox.

I believe the softwares do not offer a list of high quality links you can visit and put your link(correct me if I'm wrong). But instead, they scrape and find the results for you at that very moment when you search for them and you manually check them to see if they site is of good quality(which can be a bit tedious but a little easier considering it gives you hundreds/thousands of results)

I would like some feedback on this please... maybe the people i know are just not aware of it ? or maybe most people do prefer manually making their links ?

How do you make your links? manually ? or through software?

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    A lot of risks come with usig software, and I'm not saying that you cant get results with software, but a lot of people don't want to risk there website, especially if it's one of their main moneymakers.
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    Because people delusionally believe that if they spend alot of time, effort, and money having links built then they are whitehat and won't get a penalty.

    "I do everything whitehat! I spend all day emailing people and building up relatioships with bloggers so I can guestpost on there awesome sites. I am so whitehat..blah blah blah"

    Truth is that any link placed for seo purposes is "blackhat" but don't tell the Mozheads that.

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    Generally speaking, if you are building links manually that could be automated then you are wasting your time.

    But with the power of automation also comes the potential for ruining a sites backlink profile fairly easily, and incurring penalties if you don't really understand what you are doing and how to use your tools safely and effectively.

    Some people, and you see plenty of them on this forum, are under the mistaken belief that all automation is bad and Google will find out and penalise them for it. But if they do it by hand, somehow it is ok.
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    Why do people manually do backlinks when there's software?
    Two words, quality control.
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    Yukon beat me to it.

    You'll generally end up with higher quality links.
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    Interesting thanks alot for the feedback
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    I am not a fan of software and scripts as there is many risk involved, when you manually build your website back link, you have full control on where and how your building your back links. Also, Back links must come from quality and strong websites related to your website content, and usually link building software/scripts are full of low quality and useless websites that can hurt a website and penalize it instead of improving the website ranking.
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    Basically it is not the quantity of link you build, it is about quality of the links.
    I'm not saying quantity doesn't work, but when Google is getting smarter, it is harder and harder to cheat them in the future.
    You can have more control when you do manual link building.

    Yes, it take a lot of time, but hey...you're building a business.
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    Software usually end up in getting you junk links with poor quality metrics which on long term will kill the business. If you don't think and plan the business on long term go ahead and use the black hat tricks kill the site/s.
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    site can say small sites as badlinks or spam but when you are going for manual process we can see the content or anything about that particular site is low then we can decide whether it is a badlink or a Quality link so i prefer to check any site manually.
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  • the links created by software are extremely poor quality, will probably lead you to being de-indexed in the future and won't last forever, sure you've cheated today's Google algorithm but whos to say your links will 2 years from now.
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    Excellent feedback .. thank you very much!
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    In order to achieve higher quality in creating a backlinks much better to use manual method than using software.

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    Manual Submission Do Follow Profile Backlinks

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    Well in my last 7 years of practice of SEO I know understand that using software which you use for link building or making back link now harm your site or any product due to search engines new policies, but manually when you make you keep every thing under your observation about the site.

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    Yukon said it best: you want control over your links, not just nilly willy have some software do it all for you.

    I'm a software developer by trade so I know how difficult it would be to create it. You could not possibly have enough intelligence in the system to trust it 100%. Now, if this software comes back and says "I've found this potential list, tell me which to use", that's more control on your side. The role of software is rarely to do it all for you which in most cases it would not do properly. It's to assist you and cut down on routine and mundane or time-consuming jobs, not make all the decisions for you. In the case of SEO backlinking, I can see the advantage but it would need to have a huge database behind it.
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