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I know this was posted elsewhere, but I know many here use (or did use) squidoo.

Hub is now getting any decent content from squidoo, and squidoo is calling it quits.

Pity, as I was just about to get a $25 payout...oh well.

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    So are they erasing all the rest of useless crap? will they make a 301 or what will they be doing? integrating everything to the Hub platform?
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      Supposedly they will transfer your stufff over to hub, if you set up an account now via them.

      You can download your stuff, of course, and delete your account.

      I assume they will 301 everything worth transferring. The announcement said that they
      will not transfer everything. Just the good stuff.

      You can start using the HubPages platform right away just by clicking the Set Up Your Transfer button on your dashboard. As your lenses are automatically moved, you’ll see the steps on how to set up an account that will help you earn money from your pages. Payment will continue uninterrupted (between us, the two companies have enabled our users to earn tens of millions of dollars for themselves and their causes!)

      If you don’t do anything, you’ll get a notice by email and on your dashboard when the transfer is completed and your pages are live. At that point, you have to click on the link and activate your HubPages account in order to make changes and earn money.

      If you’d rather not have your account and content moved to HubPages, don’t worry. There are instructions on your dashboard about how to download your data so you can take it with you, as well as a big button that lets you delete your Squidoo account. As long as you do this by August 29, 2014 none of your data will be moved.

      We’re doing this now so we can have as much in place by October 1 as possible… just in time for Halloween.
      Squidoo was run by a bunch of fools with no knowledge of SEO. The idiotic decisions they made were insane.

      BUT...I'll bet they got a pretty penny from HUB!

      I was getting sick of the top lens owners being such yes-men(and women) Serves 'em right.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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