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Anyone have experience of doing this or how easily it can be done?

I know of someone who has ranked #1 for the keyword "seo expert + city"
I can pm if you want specifics.
Profile is pretty standard, the actual keyword phrase is only on the page twice, and the url of the page is actually just his company name. Couple of images on the profile which are tagged with the keyword.
Searching the linkedin link on google throws up some random stuff, including a bunch of forum profiles where the link is on a forum profile.
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    Pretty easy to do, just depends on the competition for a keyword.

    Linkeins generally rank well for lower to medium competition, and with a little link love can go a long ways. Ranking a linkedin is no different than ranking a normal website, it's just easier as Linkedin can take the link abuse better than most smaller domains.
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    It's quite obvious that those highly reputable, trustworthy websites have a big advantage as far as ranking is concerned unlike regular websites. That's why that particular individual being referred to in your post was able to pull that off.
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    Just build good and relevant links and your linkedin profile will rank higher. Good links are contextual links within relevant content placed on a high authority site. Examples are guest posts, PBN links, and naturally gained links.
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    It shouldn't be hard if you do it the right way, and many are doing it.
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    Every LinkedIn profile can consist of 3 anchor texts. These can be customized too. Maximizing group membership and promoting the LinkedIn page in other social sites like Facebook, twitter etc., would bring your LinkedIn page faster to the position you desire.
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