How to drive Taffic to a Squeeze page ?

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Hello Warriors,

I am sure this question has been asked a Gazillion times in this forum !

What are the most effective ways to drive traffic to a squeeze page (Or Opt-in page) ?

I am thinking :

Free methods : Forums-Blogs-Youtube-Guest blogging....

Paid methods : PPC- PPV-Social Media ads- Banners.......

I would love to read your comments on this !

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    paid methods: solo ads
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    The ones works best for me are as follows:

    Paid: Solo Ads are one of the best, they are pricey but conversion rate is very high.
    You should also consider SEO , there are hundreds of keyphrases you can easily rank and bring very targetted traffic to your page

    Free: Youtube and Forums are good as well, especially forum sites.
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    All the methods you mentioned will bring some traffic. However you need to know that free methods are slow and take a lot of your time. They are not free at all, and they even cost you business in the long run if they are your only source of traffic.

    For paid methods, you will loose money in the beginning (or maybe break even) while you are testing and tweaking. Then, once you get your numbers right and know your metrics, you will know exactly how much you make back when you invest $1 in your traffic source. This is when the magic happens.

    Next, I'd suggest that you start with ONE traffic method and become a MASTER at it. Don't try to become good at several methods at once because you won't.

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    The best method working for me now is Facebook ads.

    For example you can create a squeeze page using Leadpages and then drive the traffic using facebook ads that is related to your niche.
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    Featured Video marketing and book marking .
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      Not sure really.

      I think all the rules on Google make it harder for squeeze page traffic --- esp. the search network.

      A lot of people are using "lead magnets" to drive paid traffic to squeeze pages ---- things like or megaphone app.

      Here's a few paid options:

      Solo ads --- when you advertise on somebodies email blast.
      CPM bidding on ad networks.
      Google/Bing Content Networks.
      RTB on platforms like sitescout.
      Direct banner ad buys using your own ad server.
      Facebook newsteam and LHS ads.
      PPV ads.
      Using intermediate self-server platforms like
      And of course your own email list.

      I think for a squeeze page it's almost always going to be paid traffic ---- unless you can do good content and used banners/links to squeeze pages ----- which is very popular now.

      I think the model is:

      1. Paid ad using lead magnet.
      2. Sqeeze page
      3. Email capture and redirect to thank-you page.

      If I was you, maybe try ---- and use fiverr to get your banner ad designed.
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