Does Page-Rank gets reset upon domain expiration?!

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Hello Warriors,

My question is as simple as the title of this post,
Does Page-Rank gets reset upon domain expiration?!

I was looking for some good domains and came across a list of high PR domains from 4-5 years ago. I decided to check their availability and found 2 PR5 and PR7 domains available to register. Upon checking the PR manually via different tools, the result came back 0/10.

I came up with 2 conclusions,
- Page Rank is reset when a domain expires.
- The PR was probably a result of PBN where other high PR domains were being redirected to these domains along with strong backlinks.

The latter seemed like a working solution, but i digged a little deeper and found a few more expired domains which had a PR a few years ago, at 0 PR.

I'm a bit confused so please help me out if you have the answer.
Any additional information would be appreciated!

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    Hi Daniyal,

    (i) SEO/page rank discussions belong here: Search Engine Optimization

    (ii) Websites don't "have page ranks": only pages have page ranks. When people talk (carelessly and inaccurately, or in the case of backlink-sellers, "deceptively") about "the PR of a site", what they're really referring to is simply the PR of that site's own home page .

    (iii) Page ranks of expired website home-pages are normally (not quite "always") reset at the next major page-rank update.

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      No it doesn't reset. But it hasn't been updated for about 9 months so I wouldn't make any conclusions about anything regarding pagerank
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    When a domain expires, it goes back to N/A after the next update. If it is then re-registered and the links are in place, the PR will then return to before.

    Of course, when I say update, I mean the PR that we see rather than the PR that google uses (which is updated frequently)

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