Doing Nothing Pays Off in the Long Term

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Whether it's the aging of the domain or Google not giving the full juice of links that have been build.

Fact is that rankings do keep on increasing, even when you do completely nothing. I see it all the time in my Amazon reports, sites that didn't perform well are slowly increasing in terms of numbers of clicks as well as traffic which I always check in StatCounter.

You just need to have a hell of a lot of patience.

Other reason can also be that others get penalized here and there and thus you slowly climb up in the SERP's. Sure you'll never reach top positions but even 10 visits/day is often good for $10-$30/month in Amazon income so almost impossible to lose money with affiliate marketing.

Heck I even have sites that have been penalized from 600 visits to 30 visits a day that made $500+ in the last year while being penalized.. That site just costed me $100 + $200 on link building back then. Win-win situation, especially when you scale up it's impossible to lose on it!

Small overview of how my affiliate marketing efforts are going:

- 10 sites complete, linkbuilding complete 60%
- 10 sites hardly monetized, need to be restructured still, link building complete 40%
- 10 sites need to be restructured completely, big mess, link building complete 20%

Total costs: $6500,- for 30 sites (future link building costs already included in total costs)

Total income till date: $5300,-

Current monthly income $850/month

Current sales value at Flippa combined: $850 * 10 = $8500,-

Total value: $5300+$8500 = $13800,-

See money made back already with a few dozen sites by just waiting 1 year in combination with some half assed efforts, due to lazyness and busyness with my core business obvious.
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