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Hello Experts,

Our SEO consultant just purchased a few .gov backlinks for our website. Can you please suggest me if the link he provided is valid:

You are now leaving Energy.gov | Department of Energy

Our website is QuickBooks Hosting Provider | Cloud Computing for Accountants.

Please suggest.

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    That is not a valid link, nor was it paid for. The guy is trying to scam you. Maybe someone who knows about that type of URL will explain a little better.

    It appears the page your SEO consultant has shown you is not a page, but just the results of a script ran on that page.

    It looks like the actual URL is http://energy,gov/exit. Anything after that is just a query that the page returned.

    For example, if you used the search-bar on a WordPress website, it would usually show the URL as something like this: www,yoursite,com/?s=asdf

    That doesn't mean that that page is an indexed page. It is just a returned results that the script provided.
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    You've been scammed.

    The URL is worthless regardless what TLD it's on.
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      I think that the (back) link is OK, but the Gov page URL is not valid.
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    Thank you so much Guys!! I will take care of this as I came to know the fact.
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