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Hello Everyone,

Been a while, hope no one was de-indexed b/c you know what.

Anyway, we have an application that create a website with sub-pages for every zip in the US and that's just for one category.

We want to launch a site in the health field, and have close to 300 doing the math - 300 x (zips) 43,000 = approx 13 million.

We will be using an aged PR2 domain, with a decent backlink profile.

We have test sites that are ranking quite well with little to no work... a Press Release is about it.

My Question - If we launch a site with 8-13 million pages will this be flagged in Google?

What are best practices?

Thanks in advance,
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    Google isn't going to crawl/index all those 13 million pages at one time, so technically Google has no idea when all the 13 million pages were first uploaded to the host. It might take weeks/months to index that many pages on one domain.
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      Thanks Yukon, exactly what I wanted to hear. Another option is to go with a Hub Site, and link to 300 separate category sites...I just worry how that may look.
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    What actual content will you have on the page, other than the zip code? For instance, will each page just be dynamically generated and only include the zip code? Will there be other information on each page? Automatically generated pages are not very favored by google as they are seen as low value or low content pages. If you have a way to add more content about each zip code then that could flesh out the site.
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      Thanks JohnnyPlan!

      Most of the content will be auto-generated, but will include (health) stats, prices, reviews, etc...all of which is public data. Since we are building this from scratch and using different subsets of codes, we will likely have to go in and manually adjust or edit some info.

      As far as just natural content, not likely.

      Would adding a little blurb for each category be considered dup content if it's on 43000 different geo pages?

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        Thanks for the question Oseymour.

        Yes, spot on, that is my worry.

        Ideally we want one main site, but I think it's best to buy 300 domains for each category.
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    Is it going to be the same or similar data just published or filtered differently for different zips? I found that the strategy works up to a point.
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