how to get ranking of old website?

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Dear Warriors,

I am back to this forum again after quite long time, i had been working as Internet marketers 2 years back and i used to earn approx 1500 USD per month with my website, then something happened and my website ranking dropped and my earning stopped.

I used to do IM as part time and in fact i want to do it again to have some extra income.
I still have that website but it's ranking is still quite low.

I would really appreciate if you could provide your valuable advice that how can i get the ranking again of this website or is it worth to work on OLD website?

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    Better post your thread here Search Engine Optimization you will get more precise and accurate answer for your question I believe.

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    Check your webmaster tools. have you got any message, do check your links to your site in webmaster tools and then start working on them, collect all the Spam links from WMT and then send mails to that site webmasters to remove your link and then use disavow tool

    Hope will help you to regain your positions, but will take time
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    Buy a new domain. An aged expired one with good metrics, then copy/clone old website to the new one. You could also 301 old post/pages to the new site.
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    I suggest you start fresh. Get a new domain name. Just go with transferring the content to have the old feel but make sure everything is new and updated from the theme to the look to how it is structured. It should help. Old sites may not be that good to use in 2014 or even 2015.

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    Your website hit by Google Algorithms that's why you lost ranking for your target keywords. Google hit only those websites that contain with duplicate, low quality content, using unethical techniques.

    I would like to suggest you that please check your website and find reasons why your website gone down in search engine results. If your website has low quality content, then you must change the content and insert unique and informative content. If your website has low quality/unnatural back links then you must erase that all and generate only relevant backlinks from the high authority domains.
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    Was your site hit my any update?

    Without close examination no one can truly answer your questions.

    What type of links where you using and at what period did you started losing rankings?
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    According to me you will have to start with new domain name.use only effective seo techniques and submit fresh content on high PR sites.
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    Content is valuable. Dont throw away your content. The domain is a different story. Check if you are sandboxed or banned. Sandboxed whould be out by 6 months to a year. Banned will not have you on listing at all. If you are ranking but not so good, chances are your content requires a bit of tweaking / update. From what you said i understand your site has not been active for some time. No updates is bad news. Try writing a bunch of new pages and adding them up regularly. Chances are you will get your ranking back. Alternatively check keyword density and the basic seo inpage ops on the existing pages. The pages will become active even with small updates which is a good thing. If possible try to update the old pages with new content. Even a small paragraph should be a great thing.

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    Well aged domains have more pull than a brand new domain, in terms of seo juice. I would look at your analytics and webmaster tools and see if there was a penalty. It is possible to come back from google slap, but you have to know what damage has been done.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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      You should check your links and remove it further try to get traffic that main source of your income.
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    You can check your webmaster tools and try to google it
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