[Unique situation] How to build a FB audience from COMPLETE scratch ?

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Hi fellow warriors !

I have a very a-typical scenario with a major problem showing up since beginning of my efforts.

I'm trying to build a Facebook fan page, more like a community page. Unfortunately even though I'm posting valuable content and interact with other users, groups and pages I keep struggling with gaining true exposure. Simply these efforts do not bring me any people who would hit that 'Like' button.

Why this situation is atypical ? Because none of the advices on internet or from WSO's that I've purchased seem to work. It seems that nobody takes into account a situation that one can not have any experience with social media before nor a situation in which someone can have no initial friends to share page to. It's like someone telling me 'why u no familliar with Social Media?! U mad bro ?'. But this is truth. I didn't yet find any blog post, WSO or youtube that would explain to me what to do in case if you begin TRULLY from a complete ZERO on a COMPLETELY NEW GROUND.

For instance I was never interested in Facebook, Twitter etc. I thought that it's a time waste to be there and didn't understand the people who shared nearly everything from their private life. I preferred to go bicycling at that time.

Due to the complicated circumstances of my current life situation I don't have contact with my older friends and not really a possibility to grow a list of new friends in my current situation. Even if it would be possible they would be from a completely different target market.

So in the end I can't invite anyone from my email list to like my facebook page, I can't set a tunnel from my other social media accounts to siphon followers or any fans to a new facebook page, I can't run Facebook ads due to very limited budget that I have now.

You get the basic idea. I have no one to share this page to because I have no contact with anyone. No followers, friends, email list, old businesses, budget for ads, family etc.

What I've tried and didn't work :

1. Find a target market and interact with them on different pages sharing same niche.

2. Post frequently at specified scheduled hours.

3. Post various things and not focus only on photos for example.

4. Tag faces of other users on FB that I saw liked my competition's pages

5. Use hashtags, comment other pages content, like content.

6. Like other pages and people.

7. Ask questions, add links, videos, write stories etc.

Most of the advices state a word 'grow' but no one ever explains how to 'seed'. You can't grow if you have just bald ground with no seed inside.

Can anyone help me with this a little bit ?

Thanks !


Situation have changed. I've decided to try facebook ads but unfortunately have huge difficulties with having them working and reaching anyone. Please refer to post number 10 for more infor. Thanks for any possible help !
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    Well now day's Facebook is very strict so create some ads with attracting image and go viral. Events pages mostly go viral.
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    Thanks for the response ! However, how am I supposed to promote that post to make it go viral when I have absolutely 0 likes ?
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      Anyone willing to help ?
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        Please guys... It's so important for me. I need some step-by-step information. All the ideas that I had have turned out to bring no actual response.
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    What's the page topic/content? Something that people would want to follow?
    You mention posting valuble content in groups and engaging eith people but get nothing, how are you posting/talking/engaging?

    Have you tried advertising to a targeted audience to grow the fan page?

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      Originally Posted by partyfavor View Post

      What's the page topic/content? Something that people would want to follow?
      You mention posting valuble content in groups and engaging eith people but get nothing, how are you posting/talking/engaging?

      Have you tried advertising to a targeted audience to grow the fan page?
      The page's topic is Workout/nutrition/body building/ sport recreation

      I'm posting in a fashion of for example stating something interesting about a certain topic, in a friendly tone or with a delicate dose of humour or ask questions that should increase people's engagement and make them react. I didn't try to advertise as I don't have any significant budget to run a campaign. I wanted to do everything from scratch using free methods but I have a feeling that it won't be possible : (
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          I would go to the local gym / nutrition store / bike trails where your target audience is, and put up some fliers or talk to some people. If you just get a few people from this it would be ok because if your content is good then they share it to all their friends and maybe a couple more people like your page.... And it keeps going from there.

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          Originally Posted by SanchoPanza12 View Post

          Sorry you're struggling. It takes a while to build up great Pages-- a long while, in most cases.

          It's good to hear you're doing different things meant to increase engagement, like asking questions. That's a big one, and it's a good thing. Also good that you're contributing to niche groups, but are you posting in a way that would make them check out your Page? You want to provide value without spamming groups-- that's normally not a strong idea.

          I know you mentioned not having a big budget, but if you're looking to expand your reach fast, you might want to consider running a Facebook Ads campaign to get some new likes or engagement. That can be one of the quickest ways to reach a lot of new users.

          Consistency in frequency and high quality of content is important, but overtime, you'll get there. You can try setting up a Twitter account or doing some YouTube marketing and cross-promoting your Facebook Page from there, too.

          Just a few tips to hopefully help you build some traction. Hope it helps!
          Thanks for the reply. Check the bullshit facebook is serving. I'm attaching three photos :

          It's soon 13th November and absolutely no reach. Ads are active since 8th November, with proper budget (that amount and currency equals 5$ per day), target etc. Notice on one of the photos that even images for ad preview are not loading properly like they would not even exist. They are being loaded from shutterstock repository. This is ridicolous how facebook is constructed. So many holes in programming... . Can anyone explain what's going on ?

          Please anyone ?
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