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I'm working on this new project, and to support it, generate traffic and promote in the medium term, I'm growing a Twitter account -since is the most used social media for my target-, and it is growing very nicely.
I also have created a FB page and a Google Plus page for my site, but they have no content, since they are not my top priority for now.

But I definitely would like to start building content for those pages, so I would like to find a plugin or a way to publish everything I post in Twitter directly to my Google + and FB pages.

What is the best way of doing this?

Keep in mind that there is no involvement for the blog articles of my site. Since I only create few but very high quality and length articles, I prefer to promote them manually.
I just need to automate things in publishing on the three social networks at the same time, have only to worry about one of them (mostly Twitter, like I said, is the one I care most about)

All the best and Happy Holidays!
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    I have to strongly recommend you post manually, it's not that much extra time and you can run into big problems with formatting and appearing spam-y when you auto-post; here's a recent example I came across:

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    For automating your posts, and posting them all to your respective social media accounts. you need a Social Media Manager. You can find many online. DoSocial, Sprout Social, Hoot Suite, Klout, True Social Metrics. To name a few.

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    Looking for a freemium Social Media Manager?
    You may wanna check out DoSocial

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