2 Killer Ways to Monetize FB

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I began growing traffic on FB right from the outset.

There are a bunch of ways to monetize FB. What follows are two great ones.

But first...

How NOT to Monetize FB

#1: Affiliate Links

Don't use affiliate links in any fashion. And by that I mean the following:

- Straight affiliate links;
- Redirect affiliate links via a domain you own;
- Shortened affiliate links with a service, for instance, like Tiny Url.

#2: Always The Same Link

Let's say you're promoting pink fluffy bunny rabbits and you own the domain PinkFluffyBunnyRabbits.com. On that domain, you may have a squeeze page or a landing page or it could be a regular website: blog, review, eCommerce, whatever.

Don't post that same link more than a handful of times. Especially if the website lacks authority.

HOW to Monetize FB

And now for just 2 of the killer ways to monetize FB.

#1: Different Pages

You write an article about 12 Ways to Get Cheap Pink Fluffy Bunny Rabbits. Post the page. You write another article about 1 Clever Trick to Get a Free Pink Fluffy Bunny Rabbit. Post the page. And so one. Whether it's to an article, a product, a picture, a video, whatever.

Make each link you post a different one.

#2: Videos

You're trying to send traffic from FB to your own platform, right? What gets the most clicks, you ask? Videos. Or - specifically - links to videos. Throw up a video on YT, Dailymotion, wherever, plonk that video on your website page, and link to that page on FB.

Extra : Opt-in Popup

Overtly promoting on FB won't work well. And it has zero to do with FB moderators, and everything to do with your target audience. On the whole, they don't like to be sold. The trick is to give, give, give. Give them free content: pictures, videos, articles. Get them OFF FB and ON your platform. Once there, don't sell them hard, often don't even sell them at all. Instead: COLLECT THEM. Use an op-in popup to capture that traffic. THEN sell.

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    Nice post, looking to go further with incorporating social media into my traffic models for my projects.
    Thanks for the tips.
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