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Hi! I set up paid campaigns, Adverts on Facebook to check how efficient it will be for advertising my ebay shop and earn some money on affiliate links. My Adverts were approved but since 24 hours there is 0 clicks on each of my 4 campaigns. One affiliate link was with clickbank, other with ebayaffiliate programs. All of the links shorten by tinyurl. I set up this adverts on new created facebook account. On my research I have found that I should change maximum bid per click on max. I have change on max and still no clicks. Ebay allow to promote own shop and receive affiliate payments by promoting own shop. Why I can not do this on Facebook with ebay affiliate links with my own ebay shop. It is ridiculous. I found also that one of huge companies stoped advertising on Facebook. What about this superb stories how to make second income by promoting ebay or amazon products? I have found online many people have zero clicks on their adverts on Facebook even when using estabilished facebook accounts and maximum bids per click. Is waste of time trying promote own company on facebook?
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    It's hard to give you any advice when you're not providing any detail, it could be anything really. A bad product, bad sales copy, a bad image, the list can be made long.

    You have to test you ads, see what works and what doesn't. Don't expect to just put up an ad on Facebook and get sales.
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    I saw on preview this adverts how looking like on facebook site. It was ok. With Facebook adds I can see clicks. Clicks are not equal sale and main thing for me there was even no one click. It means nobody even clicked to read the offer. I did not use image, just link but image whas on landing page, and on facebook advert was looking pretty nice. On Facebook I can choose targeted audience. Anyway it seems I am burned on facebook with adds because they blocked my payment method because I made so many loggs and changes in advert details. It was just because I am new with it. I am not happy with that because facebook seemed for me good place to advert. Mayby I will try with other card when I will get it but still on new card is my addres so they may block it as well. That is the story of my short online-marketing carrier. Anyone know good web sites for advertising affiliate links ? I thing faster I can make money selling on ebay because everywere they don't like affiliate links but ebay accept promoting own shop by affiliate link. It is spam for them but why ? If I invest my money to promote this offer. Why I can pay for promoting somebodys product. Ridiciolus. What about Gumtree ? I get also idea to create review web sites clones, not 1 but mayby hundred, with something like best iphoneoffers on ebay, buyiphone, best iphoneoffers on amazon but it takes time to do that. Get traffic to them through paid adverts. I have seen on ebay they are selling automated affiliate stores. My other Idea is paid advert on web site or forum which content is following what I advertising. For example if I want advertise affiliate link with iphones I will look web site with big audience in that point. I thought I get fast money through paid advertising affiliate links. My impresion is this online guru speak lot but not reveal real secrets or there is no secret at all and they are just trying get your email address and colect some money from you. But I havent pay nobody yet, just reading and researching.
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