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We rely heavily on Facebook advertising. As a small business in Las Vegas, NV, we have spent 20k in ads in one year. Which we believe is good for a small business ad budget on FB. As of last week (Monday to be exact) our ads have not been working.

I have looked everywhere and believe this is a facebook glitch. I have also reported the problem and still nothing.

Everytime we go to Boost a Post, it ads our budget, ad is approved and it never runs. As of last Monday, we would always follow this same process and the ad would immediately start running. When I check the ad 8 hours later it still says 0 budget spent and it is approved. Then right before the ending of the Ad, it spends like $35 out of an $80 budget and then says the ad has stopped running.

Unless Facebook is doing something weird now because of all the advertisers on FB, and not allowing ads to run right away - then I would like to know when this change. Right now we really need help with this as most of our marketing budget goes towards Facebook and for Boosting Ads to not work is really hurting our small business.
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    If it's a FB glitch, you need to work that out with them directly of course.
    In the meanwhile, I don't know your business model, but it's always best to be operating a blog and posting up good info there that build your authority and trust. Put a FB retarget pixel on the blog and build a custom audience to target your ads to those visiting your blog. If you have n email list, send people to some of your blog posts etc., and build more trust that way too. It's a longer process than simply posting ads, but it's very effective over time.
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    I've heard of this before and that time it was a Facebook glitch that worked itself out in a week or so, you might want to try and wait it out a little and see if it's solved or contact Fb about it ( as you said you already did) ..this second option could take more than the first one though as they tend to reply extremely slow ...
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    maybe a lot of ads are running similar to yours, so i will suggest you wait a little and try again.

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    I've dealt with this in the past as well. Facebook seems to have a slow response time to fixing ad problems- probably because they have such a ridiculously large amount of ads that it's hard to address each individual issue. With that being said, they've always fixed the problem for me within about 5 business days after I've contacted them. How long has it been since you approached Facebook about the issue?
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