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Does anybody use paid versions either of these tools for social media management? I currently use the free plan on Buffer, but I'm interested in hearing thoughts on which one you guys prefer for managing multiple accounts? From what I've read so far, Buffer seems to be the simplest option, while Hootsuite offers more features, but which is the best value for money?

Maybe you prefer something completely different that I've never heard of - I'm all ears!
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    i am using hootsuite and its fine for me
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    Both are the most popular social media management tools but I don't think anything without HootSuite.
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  • Hello GJHancock

    If you try Hootsuit never go back and do not need more than anything!

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    HS here too, works fine. Buffer just has a cleaner interface


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    I think the tools are a little difference...

    I love Buffer because when I read an article (or my feedly) I press the buffer button, select the social i want to pubblish, and is ok...
    Buffer automate the pubblishing of post in base of the time that i have schedule for every social...

    Ex: for twitter I pubblish 10 tweet/day, facebook only 2, etc..

    and then there is a "power post" so I can boost a post (of my site) with automatic pubblication on plus time in the future( ex. post now, next 8h, next week, ecc).

    Hootsuite is fantastic for read conversation about a topic, talk with other people. With buffer you can't do that...
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    I'm using Hootsuit more than years.GREAT tool ever..
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    I am using ifttt is better then both of the website.
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    • Sproutsocial is my preferred platform. Love the clear interface and the quick reporting function.
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  • Buffer? Hootsuite? None of the above. I actually prefer the sendible application and tool.
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    Once I tried Hootsuite but coudln't figure out how it worked. Since I see many of you use and love, I will give another chance. Hope this time, I can use the tool, does anybody have a good tutorial?
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    I have used both of them, buffer and hootsuite. The GUI and navigation of Hootsuite is better than buffer so I prefer it and recommend it.
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    There is also one more user friendly wordpress plugin and that is Blog2Social. It is one of the finest social media cross-posting plugin as you don't have to get any cron job done. There is no server side installation or setting required. It is one of the finest social media cross-posting plugin.
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  • I've only started using Buffer. So far so good. I might check out Hootsuite since that seems to be the consensus from people on this thread.
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    I have used both Buffer and Hootsuite for my social media campaigns. I liked Hootsuite more than Buffer as it provides me more flexibility over the posts I upload on my social networking sites.

    P.S. I use the FREE version.
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    I haven't yet used Buffer but I've been looking for an alternative to Hootsuite for a while now so I'm intending to give it a go.

    Hootsuite is easy to use for scheduling Facebook posts however it is a little more tricky for Instagram. For one, it doesn't post automatically (I believe that's the case for all social media scheduling tools) which is a massive inconvenience. I am hoping that now Instagram are owned by Facebook, that might change.
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  • I also prefer Hootsuite because it has more functions and more flexibility.
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    I really like Hootsuite. Honestly I've never tried Buffer I never needed to, but hear good things about it.
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    i think you should use buffer because i'm using and fine for my work
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  • So far so good... only one that really converts in all my social media accounts is Postplanner. I tried everything before but definitely the most user friendly automation tools I've ever had.
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    I tried Buffer and I can't remember the exact reason but I switched to Hootsuite and haven't gone back.

    Been on Hootsuite for over 2 years now.

    Improvements can still be made with Hootsuite as well I feel. But both free and paid plans are great value.
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    Seems like the Consesus is that Hootsuite is better. Anybody have an discount codes, or want to weigh in on how they compare to dlvr.it ?

    Someone mentioned sendible, that's for agencies and starts at $59!
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    In terms of capabilities, Hootsuite is bigger than Buffer. So its better to go for Hootsuite.
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    Hootsuite is better than buffer...
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    I am using buffer and its quite good . I think its better than hootsuite!
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    IMO, Hootsuite is better than Buffer. I tried using it for almost a year then shifted to Sprout Social.
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    I have tried using both..!! I love Hootsuite..It works good..
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    I tried both hootsuite and buffer's free trial. But when it was expired, i can't afford their plan's price because it is actually so expensive. I guess, whether these app good or not, i still can't push myself to use it. Please give me any recommended app other than hootsuite and buffer?

    So far i have tried sprout social, social pilot and ombaQ. If you have others it would be very helpful to me! Thank you
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    I think Hootsuite Is abetter tool. I am using it, and Its quite good
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    How is hootsuite's analytics compared to buffer?
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    Damn, I hate to go against the grain but I've been using paid Hootsuite for years and have recently switched to Buffer and much prefer it.

    Buffer + Quuu for me is a winning combination.
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    Hootsuite is easier and better when dealing with social media campaigns.

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  • I have tried both, Hootsuite Is a better tool.
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    I have used both. Started with Hootsuite first, but eventually Buffer won out as I moved to a paid subscription.

    I found it much easier to use, more flexible to schedule, and had better integrations for posting from my favorite apps.

    Both are very capable, and there are several others that have unique capabilities, such as mavsocial, sendible, etc.
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    I have used Both... Hootsuite is better than Buffer
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    The difference I see is Hootsuite seems marketed and created for business use, while Buffer has a smaller learning curve and was created for consumer use first.
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