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i am running an ad on facebook....promoting a page i have created to generate leads.

so.....there is a picture with a little copy and the l"like page" button.

the problem i am having is that people are clicking on the picture and hitting the "like" button instead of the like page button.

so i am getting dozens of LIKES on teh picture....but very few page likes.

obviously i want them to LIKE my page so my posts wuill show up on their newsfeed.

am i doing something wrong here? or is there some way to disable the like button on the picture accompanying the ad or to get them to like my page instead?

thanks in advance for your helo.
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    I'd like to help you - but I'm not a Facebook expert.

    Maybe someone else can chime in.
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    This is just something to expect to be honest.

    You can however make a call to action in your ad copy to prompt a page like instead of an image like. Or you can even put a little edit in your ad image, an arrow with small text saying something to the effect of "like our page" just keep in mind the 20% text rule when dealing with FB ads.

    Basically it's your copy which will help get your page likes rather than general likes. But that said it does all help to some degree. I'd try these two suggestions and see how it works out for you.

    If you can't alter the image because you're using the free images that FB provides upon creating your ads then you'll have to rely strictly on your ad copy to accomplish this which will make it a bit more difficult.

    Not knowing what you're promoting or to what audience and etc I'm afraid I can't help you anymore than this but you're welcome to PM me if you want. I'm by no means some super authority on FB but I do probably know more than your average bear
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    One important thing. You need to be very careful with FB Page Like Ads and what you expect from them.

    DO NOT expect that if you get page likes your posts will suddenly show up in their feeds. I'm afraid those days are long gone and it won't happen.

    FB base their decision to show your posts in newsfeeds on how people interact with your page. You could have hundreds or thousands of page likes, but if nobody interacts and likes/shares your posts then your posts will not show up in anyones newsfeed. FB views them as not being of interest or relevant to anyone, because nobody is interacting with what you write.

    Please please be careful with this before you spend much more money. FB Like Ads are becoming a bit of a con to be honest. Well maybe not a con, but something that doesn't bring any particular results.

    FB want you to pay for everything now. If you want post reach, unless you're huge established page with tons of interaction, FB will tell you to go do a post boost ad or page/post engagement ad.
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    You might want to change the medium where you're running your ads. Have you tested it on any other advertising platform?
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