>> Learn Facebook Ads while Playing a Video Game - Looking for feedback.

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We've been working tirelessly for the last 4 years and invested 2 million dollars to build out an online Virtual world where you can learn how to buy Facebook ads and the mechanics of Facebook ad buying

The game starts as you're a character named Shane that is newly out of college and doesn't know how he's going to get a job. So he takes a job at a car dealership to start buying Facebook ads to generate leads for the car lot. Through buying ads in the virtual game you earn money to eventually go on to build your own startup.

Curious to get peoples feedback on the concept as well as ideas for marketing.

Target demogrpaihc is going to be people that understand what Facebook ads are. Also another great demographic is people that buy Facebook ads now and have people come to them and say they want to learn how to do what they do.

The current page we're driving traffic to is http://www.playstartupalley.com

Curious on everyones feedback on the page and the concept. We've been buying media to the page on Facebook some but haven't had a lot of success.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    The idea sounds brilliant, but the landing page contains too many information (texts, colours, different fonts etc.) I believe. If you could cut all the info twice, I believe it will be more clear about what this page is all about.
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