challenge - automating Dripfeeding views to many videos at once

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Im looking to think of the best way to send social signals(views,likes,comments,shares etc..) to a whole bunch of videos at the same time(say 100 videos) in an automated way...

Here is how I see it playing out in my mind...Ideally I will have a spreadsheet with the url of all the videos I want to promote...and every week I will buy 50K views in bulk and the these would need to drip over the next 10 days on to the 100 videos on my list.

Im interested in setting this up for youtube, instagram, vine for views,likes,comments,shares,subscribes etc...

Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? Is there any service providers you guys know of that can help with this? Thx.
#automating #challenge #dripfeeding #social signal #videos #views

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