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So im new here to warrior but really hope to start getting involved in the community.

NOTE: I do not work for/or paid to post this, i truley want to share this platform with you all as it is very cool and actually a very good money making platform.

Today i came here to talk about this social media platform i found that is fairly new but already has over 20,000 members. This app is crossplatform and works on IOS and Android, there is a web platform in development which should be up soon.

This platform is called RABADABA. The thing that is very unique about rabadaba is the fact that it pays you using actual money for interactions you have with other accounts (this includes; posting content, reciving likes and favs, liking other creators posts). The app also has its own currency system in which you can send or recieve this currency. Once you get to a certian point you can withdraw this currency from your account to a paypal account. I have already seen numerous accounts that are based on doing giveaways and contests in which the reward is the in app currency.

I have an account (make sure to follow me so we can talk more about stratd and more @CATCHthat has around 500 followers. Just from about 6 days of creating content and connecting with other users i have earned (2$) this may not seem like a lot but consider the tact that i only have 500 followers, imagine what you could do with 10,000 or 100,000. This app is sort of new and if you want to start there is no better time than now!


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http://Rabadaba - Earn money being
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