Which has a better future ? Twitter or Instagram ?

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I consider focusing on a new marketing channel other than Facebook. Should I go for Twitter or Instagram ? I fear devoting a lot of time ,money and effort to grow my Twitter followers , only to find it the next myspace.com after 2 years ??
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    go with instagram its growing so fast and there is alot of strategies out to get paid using insta traffic method twitter isnt bad its cool too
    i think going with both is so great
    but build a strong account on any platform then make in other dont just build all at the same moment pm me for my perfect strategies
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    Use both of them. You should always be trying to diversify where your traffic is coming from. A mix of organic traffic, social media traffic, referral traffic and paid traffic is probably the best recipe for success.
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    Well I would say Instagram as it is growing rapidly. But I am getting into Twitter more also. I don't think Twitter or Instagram are going away anytime soon. The shoutout business on Instagram is exploding and I see people doing the same on twitter and Vine now also. But Instagram is my current favorite.
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    Well, it's advisable to go with both twitter and Instagram. Twitter helps to recognise your brand and invoke the response. With Instagram, they tend to meet your target audience and increase your traffic.
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    Instagram is so cool now. People is growing their IG accounts. But twitter is also fine. For advertising Instagram is great.
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    I think Instagram is much better than twitter for marketing purpose mainly. twitter is also good. I think if you want to try something new than go for both.
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    I suggest you go for Instagram, because 71 percent of the world's largest brands now use Instagram as a marketing channel.
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    Both are different.... It's like comparing apples and oranges.

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    • Originally Posted by Peter Stavrou View Post

      Both are different.... It's like comparing apples and oranges.
      Couldn't agree more! Choose both for maximum results. If you want to lessen your effort and time, use syndication tools. A good one is IFTTT. Plus, it is free.
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    Hello, you can use both of them! Why not! All social networks are very popular in our time! Also, you can use Google+ for it too!
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    I suggest you should go for both twitter and instagram. Both of the sites are good and if you are in the marketing field then you can not skip anyone (twitter or instagram)
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    Consider the number of active users, visitors and overall members that they have. Twitter comes on top every for every single factor

    Even the rankings:

    Twitter: 7th website in the world in number of visitors
    Instagram: 39th website in the world in number of visitors
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    Instagram is pretty better than twitter.
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    You should go for both of them, Both have different marketing channels.
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    Both are Different , But I use Twitter more than Instagram
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    Twitter has about 8 times more active everyday users than Instagram, according to Alexa
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    Has a better future, Twitter.

    Have you read about instagram new Algorithm ?

    Eventually IG will die because of how FB is, they destroyed FB now coming to IG. SMH
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    Go with instagram now.
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  • Right now I'm getting more form Twitter but I can see the audience and activity on my Instagram account is growing. So I'm using both to get the most out of it.
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    Instagram is a place to publish original content and build your brand. Twitter is a great tool to curate and distribute content, as well as engage and interact with your audience.

    You don't have to choose one over the other. Look for ways to integrate both into your business or marketing purpose and you'll get much greater results.
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    I think Twitter is best more than instagram. Twitter is most popular in world. so
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  • in my opinion Instagram is good and best more than Twitter.
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    they have their own worth
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    i think that using instagram as a second platform is better because instagram is offering more ways to make money from your strong accounts. Also, many people use instagram and you can target them using hashtags. Twitter is good also but i think that instagram is better for bussiness.
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    I think both platforms are good but Instagram's way better. Although Twitter is presently ranked higher than Instagram, i believe Instagram would take over within a few years as it is more user-friendly. The may fact that Twitter is restricted to 140 worded postings and Pictures speak louder than words is enough factor to consider. Also, Instagram has a lot more tools than Twitter does. However, for effective marketing atm, the use of both platforms would be effective.
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