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Hey Guys,

I help my wife with her monogram/boutique business (online marketing). She is finally ready to expand her customer base. This niche is simply crazy if done correctly. Women just love their stuff monogrammed! Obsessed! That being said, I see a lot of potential here.

So I was doing some research in the last week or so and it appears that the majority of business owners in this niche are going to FB Closed Groups. Now from what I read, you are not to neglect your FB page. In fact, keep posting as normal but in a more business aspect. As with the FB group, you interact with your customers more. As you are interacting, you are directing them to your FB page and online store.

The numbers... Her FB page is kind of stuck around 5500 likes. I created her Group last night and she already has over 1500 followers. I thought I would post an ad of a sale she is doing right now to help the roll out. Correct me if I am wrong, but post in groups reaches everyone that is in it? Where page you have to pay to reach a high %?

Any advice on groups to build audience or anything that I might not know that is more useful than a FB page?

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    Yes it reaches every member of the group. Try joining other groups with your the same niche. You can meet there people and make friends with them then you can encourage them to join your group also.
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  • Hi,

    Yes and a no. It reaches everyone, because everyone is a member (self explanatory) but in some cases, someone who is in a group might not be able to see the post entirely especially if he/she has a lot of friends, don't open their fb for some time, not checking notifications, etc.

    But I agree that it reaches a filtered type of audiences, compared to pages where you have to check in stats what time your subscribers are mostly online.
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    The reach is in group is far better than the Fan page. One thing you need to know is that not all the group members will see the post for different reasons as mentioned above. The way to go about is to promote at different times of the day so that the chances of everyone seeing it will be higher.

    Dont bombard them with promotional posts all the time. Sequence your posts. You can post information posts followed by humour or quotes then promote. Something along that line. Just have a mix of different type of post then include your promotional post in it.
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      Thanks for the insight. Very helpful.

      I also wanted to try this poll option that FB has. Are polls still effective now days? I mean I still like casting a vote lol
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    There's a possibility that it will reach every member but there's also a chance that it won't. Because not all member will read every posts in a group.
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  • Try joining other groups with your the same niche.
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    It's not a hundred percent that it will reach every member of the group. Some members don't visit the group regularly. Try joining other groups and make friends with other members so that it will be easier to share your group to them.
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    Create facebook page. It's easier to access. You could easily share your posts through a page.
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