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I am starting a photography tour business, so Instagram is a perfect vehicle for my brand promotion.

Currently, I subscribe to all the feeds I can find related to landscape photography, including collections and individual photographers. I "like" photos that are taken in locations I want to consider including on my tours, so this helps me develop my itinerary.

I also take the time to comment on good photos. Doing so definitely has brought me followers.

However, I was thinking there are two problems:

1. Putting competing photographers in my "followed" list promotes/validates them to my potential customers

2. Positively commenting on their photos also serves to promote them.


1. Making relevant and "expert" comments, also publicizes me and makes me look good
2. Participating in the community makes me look like I support the community as a whole, rather than being just out for myself
3. Potentially, I can develop relationships with photographers that could develop into partnerships down the line

I'm trying to decide if I should create a 2nd account to track photos and feeds, but stop commenting and liking, or if I should continue to participate as I am now. I don't want to be short-sighted, but I am not sure, how much I would help/hurt my business with these options.

After all, if I'm getting followers FROM the competition followings in the first place....
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    Hello Elijah, this idea has its advantages and disadvantages... try decision-mapping. Extract the possible pros and cons, try weighing the negative and the positive part of it. If it won't bring any major destruction to your business then go for it. But if the negative overpowers the positive then you might as well stop the idea. Have an argument with yourself. Ask if this really helps your business. Sometimes, it's healthy that you're being the devil's advocate of your own.

    P.s. It's actually good that you're being nice to your competitors. It might lead to building friendship with them, which I think is good for you because you can sometimes collaborate with them.. especially the famous ones. God bless on your endeavor.
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    yes Instagram is best for your business promotion but for more advantage you should make your page on Facebook.
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    I think for your brand promotion It's a best idea of using Instagram.
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    Yes,it is a great idea work on it. Good Luck
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    Although you can't add clickable links to every Instagram update you publish, Instagram can be a powerful source of traffic. Plus with the higher levels of engagement than on Facebook and Twitter, creating and maintaining a strong profile could be hugely beneficial for your site's visibility.
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