Has anyone used Report Garden for Facebook reporting?

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After spending hours each month creating some manual reports for my social media management clients, I was looking for an intelligent and cost effective reporting program that could compile all the analytical data from Facebook and Google Adwords in particular into a particularly appealing format which I could easily download and send to clients.

I'll be honest, after creating my reports for so long I wasn't after software that would cost the earth and as I am only managing 5 or 6 social media accounts at a time, I didn't need a premium or agency package meant for dozens of account and multiple users.

After trawling the web and trialling a few platforms, about six months ago I decided to use Report Garden, and I am honestly fairly happy with the results.

I've outlined why below, however I am interested to compare if anyone feels like sharing.

Here's why I like Report Garden:
Customer Service
Firstly, when I started to set up the software the business was still ironing out some issues online, and I needed to send an email to check that my account was set up properly. Within an hour, I received an email back from the head developer helping me and offering to set me through the process. Talk about personal customer service.

Monthly Reports
While I use the reports only for Facebook Insights and Google Adwords reports, the program offers heaps of options and has a handy monthly scheduled reports which get emailed to your inbox, saving you time and the effort of remembering to arrange the report for your client.

The program helps monitor, track and report on any social media or advertising account, and has a handy dashboard which can be used to monitor multiple accounts (I honestly don't use the dashboard, but I can imagine it would be helpful).

When you set up an account, Report Garden lets you drag and drop widgets and select data that you want in your report. To be honest, some of the widgets and customizable elements can be a little cumbersome as you have to do this manually with each new report. However, you can analyse data and compare it with the previous month which I find effective.

White Labelled client portal
I must admit I haven't used this function, however having this as an option for interested clients is a great option. The portal provides a *.reportgardne.com address and clients can log in and see reports and dashboards.

Top post overview
This is quite effective for social media accounts as it shows what posts worked in the past month and compared it in a visual way. This data is simple, and most of my clients can understand the information in the entire report. The comparisons for CTR, reach and conversions can confuse them. However, there are plenty of elements of the report which are straightforward and effective for reporting.

Saves Time
All the reports from the previous months are saved on in your account, and you can monitor PPC, SEO, Social and Adword accounts. Basically for $39 per month Report Garden saves me probably 2 to 3 hours of time doing reports and makes me look schmick and organised.
Social media management is something I am not looking to do as much. However, it is certainly a simple tool that provides a professional report each month that helps my clients analyse their performance. If there is something out there that's better, I would love to hear about it.

What program are you using, I did look at Social Spout and am interested in what members are using in case there is something better out there... I'm basing my preference on cost effectiveness at the moment however it's been about six months now and I am always on the lookout for new platforms that offer a better reporting service.
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    Under the title "White Labelled client portal", I think you wanted to type reportgarden.com, instead of reportgardne.com.
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  • This helped me setup and monitor budgets across various ad accounts. I get an automated SEO audit report for my clients. Best part is they do custom integrations. Now all my clients reports go out from reportgarden. Great tool and excellence support team.
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