have a killer product and wanna build a facebook fan page but not sure if its going well

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I have a great product, it applies to a huge elder market and actually benefits them tremendously. I started a facebook page, just giving valuable content now and people like it so far.

I have experimented with a few 100 ads and narrowed it down to about 4 ads that are giving me between .12 cents to .20 cents per like

I had some really great ads, that I thought were creative but did not work out (80 cents and up per like)

Is this a good cost per like on facebook? I want quality, REAL people on my page, I do not want to pay for fake bot account likes.

My main question is, is the image or the ad text the really important factor?

The product helps baby boomers who are retiring to protect their assets and money, secure their estate planning without the need for wills and get top notch health coverage for free.

I will eventually start targetting people for webinars from my page but wanted to wait til I got at least 10,000 likes or more.

I have tried various copy for the ads but nothing really works aside from generic stuff. Presenting value, rewards, free advice, network, etc etc

Appreciate any help
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    Also I tried doing contests with a $100 amazon gift card if people commenting who theyre voting for and why (trump v. clinton) got only 9 comments in 3 weeks
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    I say play with the actual ad image and wording more. I know it can be frustrating, but once you find a really good ad it can pay off. Sometimes it just doesn't pay off too much unless you can turn them into leads by signing up for your newsletter. If you are getting likes under .20 that is considered good.

    Honestly people can give you advice, but it's really hard without seeing the ads.

    I wish you luck it sounds like you are on the right track with only .20 per engagement just keep at it. It's all trial and error.
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    Thank you for your feedback!!!

    Just wanted to make sure I was on the right track. I read some places that .5 cents was the target and I couldn't get anywhere near that so far.

    I tried hundreds of ads and hit the sweet spot so far with 2 ads. One is at .12 cents a like for genuinely targeted people who interest me 55+ americans who have property and would be my key demo.

    the other ad is slightly higher at .19 cents

    but I have found that 85% of the respondents are women vs 15% men, is that normal? There hasn't been a single ad that had a high response from Men that didn't run me 30 cents or more per like.... are women more abundant usually in FB advertising?
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    Why exactly do you want to spend ~$4k to get 10k likes? Yes it will look trustworthy but how much do old people care about that? And how many will buy from your Facebook page?

    I would focus on posting great content and boosting the posts. If they are good you will get a lot of likes and you can invite these people to also like your page. Also I would focus on ads directly to the product(on a landing page or a Facebook tab so they don't leave Facebook) or building a list and promoting via email.

    Webinars are ok, that would somehow justify getting a decent number of likes, but bare in mind that on average out of 10000 people that liked your page around 2% will see you posts on their walls.
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    Did you segment the ads using Audience Insights? If your targeted audience are baby boomers you should use that segmentation in Audience Insights, that will help you to get to the right audience, otherwise you might be throwing money with no real results.
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