What is the best social network to promote business?

by xixna
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What can I use for business promotion, so it would be the most effective?
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    There is no set platform, they each offer a different advantage dependent upon your goals. Twitter is good for reaching new clients and connecting with potential clients or customers, raising brand awareness and using hashtags to get noticed. Facebook is great for earning customers by word of mouth likes and shares. Linkedin is typically preferred for B2B. There's lots more too. What industry ya in?
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  • It really depends on your niche and target market. Some people find more success on Pinterest while others find that Facebook is better. I would recommend testing the waters on various platforms to find out what has the best success.

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      Originally Posted by LocalWebStrategies View Post

      It really depends on your niche and target market. Some people find more success on Pinterest while others find that Facebook is better. I would recommend testing the waters on various platforms to find out what has the best success.
      Very well said, a lot depends on your niche and how you market your business. I do like Twitter I get lots of organic traffic from my Twitter account, but they all have their own advantages.
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    Facebook in my opinion,of course,you need to have a page with big amount of likes on it.
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    That depends on you and your selected business niche, Someone success by using Facebook and some of them chosen Twitter is better for my business even the other networks are also helpful to the various personalities. So, just start to promote your business in all the social platform and you can find which one is more efficient to your business.
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    Facebook for the price / targeting. But as someone else said, you really need to know what you're doing. Spend time building your plan/funnel before spending any money.
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    As we know all social media platform are viral today. But I think Instagram is in trends today, thousands of users are join this platform to promote their business.
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    You should use Facebook, but becareful or you will lose your momey.

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    It depends on your business type, all the social media platforms provide you with various features to promote your business. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media sites according to your business type.
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    Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users. This is enough to prove that Facebook is the best socialmedia network.
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    I suggest to use linkedin. Because linkedin is the best place for meet professionals. next use twitter. Follow people to your niche and tweet every day.
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    ALL is depending on your business, market. But my opinion Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter is good.
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    While it really depends on your business - my immediate reaction to your question is 'Facebook'.

    It really is the broadest option for social media and I would highly recommend it for your advertising and to promote your business. The next best thing in my opinion would be Instagram, particularly if you are an eCommerce business.

    It's important to try out a range of social media platforms to see what suits your audience as it might work out that something less popular and in the mainstream best suits your audience. So there really is no blanket rule.
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    Hope you are well!

    I think it really comes down to:

    1. How many social media platforms do you have actual time for to ensure that you are consistent with your content and quality of it?

    2. Understanding the strengths of each platform.

    For me, i am using Facebook and Instagram currently. It takes time with 'free' methods, to build traction. But ultimately, its the type of content that can generate engagement- Facebook generally prefers videos/imagery over text. Text of course needs to be there- but mix it all in with the things that work for the platform (in this case, imagery and video). Instagram on the other hand, and more logically, prefers unique, creative content. I have utilized a specific way of displaying my message on Instagram and i think it fits the platform well.

    I don't want to focus on anymore at the moment- as that is what i want to provide my full efforts on currently.

    Hope this helps,

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    For me Facebook is giving me good results. I started off with free advertising with a Facebook poster, after time I did my research on Facebook ads and gradually moved into paid advertising.
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    Personally I would suggest Pinterest. It's an awesome source in the market where you can pin up fancy images from your inventory to attract people towards your business site.

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  • I think FaceBook is the easiest to learn how to motetize. Things like Twitter and Instagram I've never really understood from a marketing viewpoint. I think they would take longer to figure out. FB is already setup to directly communicate with people so easily. It's pretty easy to connect with like minded people who may be interested in what you're offering.
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  • Been using linked in to sell some leads with moderate success but I'll admit I attribute that more to my skill level and time I've put into it. Looking into Twitter but not happy about it, a little money usually takes the sting away though :p
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    Power of the internet and social marketing is becoming exceedingly important for business these days.

    Facebook and Instagram can definitely gather a lot attention.
    But I would suggest Pininterest.

    And of-course while you are at it,definitely allocate resources and time to SEO and also SEM. Often people just pay attention to SEO and forget about SEM.
    I think both are important in the way of becoming popular and getting more traffic directed towards your business from people coming from all walks of people.

    For SEO and SEM I suggest
    Digital Current
    Traffic Travis.

    I hope this information has been useful
    Thank you!
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    It depends on your niche, business goal, audience that you are trying to target and budget.

    How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business
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    I think the best two are Facebook and Reddit. I know people making tons of money from these social media websites. You can get good amount of traffic from reddit if you learn how to use it. Facebook gives some amazing results too.
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    I have never really used fb for paid advertising or free for that matter.

    However, I just stated looking into it, because I just created a coaching program (membership site for newbies) and I think it will benefit my business to promote on facebook, especially because of my location as well.

    However, I use other social media sites for promotion, like Instagram(loving it), twitter, and I use a site called copromote and viral content buzz to boost my posts from other people?
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    Facebook for promote business, but so many new social media sites sprouting up and vying for attention. it can also be difficult to choose which platform to post your content to.
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    Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are best social networks for business promotion. You can amazingly use Linkedin for marketing and to increase brand awareness, by creating a nice company page and sharing quality content consistently.You need to have a nice Linkedin marketing strategy to effectively promote your business.
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    I like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for business promotion. Google plus is one another great social media platform for business marketing and networking.
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    It's really depends on you and your products. FB is better now a days for marketing. And the other social media sites you use such as- Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tubmlr and so on.
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    Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are great for promoting any business. You can utilize the awesome targeting options provided by each platform to reach your target audience.
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    For my business it's Instagram way ahead of all others. However, some friends of mine who own fashion businesses find that Pinterest works best for them and I have friends who offer a service who find Facebook the best for them.

    Reddit is a good traffic source if you have a new product on a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter or Indigogo.

    Linkedin is good for getting your product in front of potential distributors if you run targeted ads.
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    Use LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your business. Facebook is not that much useful as linkedin and twitter. People mostly use it for personal network. And if we talk about the Google plus then it is good to achieve results in Google search engine but less people use it as a means of business and personal networking.
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    Be effective and persuasive and above all be genuine with your content and with what you are offering. Try not to bore away the social media users and per user click rate is highly variable. People see hundreds of posts every day but do not click on them just by reading the tag line, so make that interesting. thats all
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    Facebook, Twitter and Linkdein are great platforms to reach your target audience, they are quite good for effective business promotion.
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    it depends on the business.

    Different social media channels have very different demographics. Promoting a product for men, on a channel which is mainly women, won't work that well (unless it's a suitable Christmas present!).

    As usual, any one "answer" to this question, is wrong, because the answer MUST be different for every business, to be correct, because every business is different.

    So, think it through, research the demographics of the social media channels, and of the sales of the business, and find the best matches.

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    In My opinion instagram. It's trending and the engagement level is extremely high compared to other social platforms like twitter for example.. The thing is they all use their Own magic so test which works best for you.
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    I suggest you start with two channels, Facebook and Instagram!
    If you only have time for one, my vote is on Instagram. Honestly I handled an account with less than a thousand followers but my client keeps telling me, she keeps getting order messages on Instagram!
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    These are the best social media sites you r should focus on
    Stumble upon
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    If you have a budget for ads, I would suggest facebook because you can target people based on their specific interests and who are more likely to be interested in your product or service.
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    Facebook & Instagram have been great for me. Of course, you have to pay to play to get real results. As long as you know how to optimize, there's no reason you can't convert.
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  • There are many social networking sites to promote your business.
    You can use:
    1. Facebook
    2. Linked In
    3. Twitter
    4. Google plus
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    I am using facebook and twitter for marketing my products but I am getting good leads from the facebook only so I would say fb is most succesful for me
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    There are many great social networks to use for business marketing such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, Linkedin and so on.
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