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Is Facebook ads the only real way to guarantee people seeing your page posts now?
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    Absolutely not- With a method of generating traffic such as Facebook it comes down to spending time with the platform and understanding its specific strengths.

    What i would recommend is create valuable, helpful content on a consistent basis. This is information that your eventual customers are going to like and latch onto, and engage with. I would after this point, start inviting your friends to like the page.

    From there i would also have a couple of other platforms that you are working on to direct to traffic to your page. Instagram is a fantastic, underrated one that, again, if you are generating unique, consistent content on can start to develop you traffic. On Instagram as well, you can put a link in your bio and direct people from your page to fb if you like. Also i would recommend Forum Marketing as well- All these methods take time to create some traction- but they are vital in creating that foundation that you need.

    Hope this helps!

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    Of course not. But yeah, it will take a lot of consistent effort (value added content) to take your organic reach to a considerable level. Especially, after the FB's witty algorithms that compel you to try ads and reach more people.

    If you are looking for quick results and less 'consistent' effort (and if you have some spare bucks too), opt for FB ads. Otherwise, as James has mentioned, Instagram, if used properly, is far more better than FB (when it comes to organic reach and ROI). I would seriously recommend you to focus more on Instagram content and move to FB pages if you can afford some ads later on.


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    There are free ways to make your page posts seen by your audience but it would require more effort on your end. I would rather spend on Facebook ads to get instant and better results.
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    Originally Posted by aaronjunited View Post

    Is Facebook ads the only real way to guarantee people seeing your page posts now?
    The question is phrased weirdly.

    But I would say yes.

    You can do other stuff as well but there is no guarantee people will see your posts. Maybe with viral stuff you can get some people to see your posts. Or if you already have a big follower base and engagement then you can be pretty sure your future posts will get exposure.
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    Definitely not!!! there are other social media that generates traffic and see post .

    Instagram, snap chats are one of the social media that is as promising as facebook
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    Free Facebook traffic that can convert is very plausible. From experience, the top 3 things that are to be in place first (to create a waterfall effect of flowing traffic in the near future):

    1. Build trust within your community. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by hosting contests that give away non-expensive (or free) gifts that your niche are deeply interested in.

    2. Providing interesting content on your page. This is said a lot because it's true. But, on Facebook, do not post long winded details. Instead, have an engaging photo and headline first. Then write a summary of the article. Then, have an optional longer to read section available but not necessary.

    3. Network with as many people in your niche that you could form a mutual relationship with. Offer them something free (like an ebook or project you've done) to look at first.
    Winning Facebook (Free) Marketing Strategies
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    No. it is not only the way! There are lot of ways like all social media sites and SEM, SEO etc. You can use all of them. Thanks
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