I Want To Get Started With IG For Business But Don't Know Where To Start!

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I need to start IG for my offline fitness business. I don't have a clue on where to even start.

What kind of pics to use?
What kind of content?
How to get followers?
How to use hashtags?

And everything else. Any good courses that show from A-Z. Or any other suggestions?
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    Instagram is great for building your brand.
    Create your Instagram strategy : Check out other brands in your industry, your competitors.
    Follow industry influencers, engage with their work: It's a wonderful strategy to grow your targeted followers.
    Be creative: Take awesome pictures to post regularly with nice captions.
    Use relevant hashtags.
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    How strange that I posted a very informative answer to this and now its gone...not sure if OP deleted or an admin did.
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    Twitter and Facebook could be a good option as well. According to the statistics pics not text posts generate more interaction.
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    Build audience, follow people, so they could follow you back, like posts, publish content as much as you can, and keep updating your social network.
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    I am a fan of fitness IG account myself. Post fitness transformation pics of your fitness clients. Make sure to describe how you helped your client workout consistently and what they like the most about their transformation.

    Post your own fitness transformation pic yourself. Post pics of your fave fit snacks, post-workout snacks, fitness equipment and even fitness clothes.

    If you have a budget for it hire a professional photographer to help you start your page with amazing photos.

    Create a video of your workout tips as well.
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    If you want to get started in using IG for business, it's great if you could plan first what product you will sell, are they ready?Do you have suppliers? What if there's a bulk order, are you ready for it? These are some of the questions you can keep in mind.
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    I'd have to say IG is more effective for business because you can post your ads right then and there. The focus is on the image. So be sure that your images will look fab!
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    Instagram is Related to facebook, so it's easy to start your brand on it.

    i've built my networks on instagram from the 0 and now the result is unbelievable.

    firstly you have to post quality content, try to make something different, easy to get attracted by. use hashtags that represent your content, over 10 in a post are enough, this will help you too to get followers. check out similar pages and try to interact in their posts in a classy way.

    if you follow these, i am sure your business will grow.

    good luck

    Abdallah Lbakassi
    bbp inc

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    Instagram will be great for your business. Nothing better than free (aside from your time) traffic. The one downside is that you can not post links in your posts. This is generally overcome by putting the link to your website in your bio and then putting a caption for your images saying to check out your bio for more information.

    You can use hash tags in your posts to get more engagement. Try researching hash tags and also look at businesses doing what you are doing that have Instagram. Follow these people and also people in your area and like and comment on their pictures to grow your page. You might even look into some automated software for Instagram once you have learned more. (For Instagram and maybe other networks as well)
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    How to get followers? Aside from posting amazing pics of yourself and your workouts, caption them with inspiring quotes. Post healthy recipes and post your cheat meals too!
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    Create and edge by thinking of a great name for your business line or shop. Add some people. Tell your friends to support your business. That should be a good start.
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    Where to start? Check your device. Will they be able to sustain you in the long run? Does your device take good images? If not, throw that away and invest in a good phone. Start there, right here, right now!

    Search hundreds of and programs. The best place to research top best technical schools by college degree , trade school location, training online and technical

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    Thank God for the internet because starting a business is easier and free, right? I would have to agree that a good name, remarkable and easy to remember shop name could really help. Also, the name should be relevant to what you are selling.
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