Twitter will be sold !!

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Well I think it's official

Twitter initiates talks with tech companies over sale: source | Reuters

Wonder if it's Google or Facebook.
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    Really? I want to know why. If it happen, I hope it's Facebook.
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    I would sell it too if I could get millions of dollars
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    Could be really good if it's either Facebook or Google! If I were Snapchat I would buy it. That would be huge to help them keep growing.
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    Why would Facebook buy Twitter?'s CEO is very eager about buying it, but will Twitter's leaks be easy to handle?
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    Seen today that Disney is in the running to buy Twitter.
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    I love twitter. Hopefully change in ownership would only make it better and not cannibalize it by making it more like facebook or etc. Hopefully they would also have the new tech to eliminate fake followers and fake Twitter accounts.
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    Likely the multinationals will take it over and censor it, that is what has happened to the rest of the internet over the last decade.

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