Twitter or Facebook ads?

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I used Facebook ads and I got no conversions and a very high bounce rate. I know it's not my site because I get most of my signups from word of mouth and Google. Would you recommend Twitter have you seen any good results from twitter?
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    I would not recommend twitter, their ads system has not completed yet and honestly, social ads is not suitable for every industry.
    You could try to improve your on-page content. May be it's not interesting enough for people to stay in, hence the high bounce rate

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    I agree with Mike Social Ads are not always ideal. I use facebook ads only for Facebook pages, I would rather run with Twitter ads over facebook as people usually expect with twitter to go to a new site, not the case with facbeook
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    just test it to see

    let the numbers guide you

    -Ike Paz
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      Originally Posted by aizaku View Post

      just test it to see

      let the numbers guide you

      -Ike Paz
      I agree, a lot will depend on your marketing and goals. Just do some testing with $10 here and there and find out if Twitter Ads will work for your business/niche.

      I find Facebook to be effective advertising when done right. Twitter is good, but not as good as Facebook in my opinion. If you are a B2B company Twitter could be better.
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    I would also not recommend advertising on twitter or fb for conversions, try Facebook communities.

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    Twitter ads are good for experimentation right now. But I wouldn't rely on it to be my main traffic generator.

    If you had bad results with FB ads I recommend taking coaching from William Souza. He's the top FB ads guy and I learned a lot with him.
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    FB Ads work if you know your :
    1-Goal : Collect Emails, Sales, drive Traffic to your website, Page Likes....
    2-Your Targeting Audience : Who is your ideal customer ? what is his pain points, What is his outcome desire....
    3-Good Ad Copy that resonates with your audience and talk about their problems with the same language (Slogan)
    4-Good Image/Video to stop them from scrolling their newsfeed
    5-Finally Good converting landing page to close the deal.
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    Facebook adverts aren't that bad may you didnt targeted correct audience or you might have targeted wide range of audience instead of potential ones.

    You can try Twitter ads too that are also great, Also dont just think of getting a success just by spending 10 bucks as many a times you have to run multiple ads to see whats converting and whats not.
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    Do any of your guys have any case studies using Facebook or Twitter ads?
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    I didn't know you can advertise that way on Twitter. They are pretty strict!

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    I think Facebook ads can drive more traffic than other social media platform. It gives more functionality which helps you to get more views for your web application.

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  • You have wait for get conversion through Facebook Ads, its requires alot of time to do the conversion. I don't twitter towards twitter ads because I have no idea and run ads on twitter! You can help from google!
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    I think facebook ads is better. It's easy and not too expensive.
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    Hi there,

    Twitter is good, but not as good as Facebook. If you think Facebook does not bring much positive results, maybe the issue is internal in nature. Try to make your content or website valuable, engaging and up-to-date.

    Best of luck!
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