Will Twitter dissapear?

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2016 hasnt been a good year for Twitter, they had a significant loss in users and activity, they had to kill Vine, which was one of its biggest accessories network, and their attempt to sold the platform has failed so far because of the lack of interest of the main possible investors.

This dangerous cocktail has resulted in a dramatically loss in the company's shares, the week were the main candidates back off the process, their shares loss more than 20% of their value. The company had to avoid a bigger crysis by claiming they would remain independent.

Twitter has definitely loss the fight with Facebook to see what company has the biggest and massive audience, and although it still has millions and millions of users around the world, the community is small if compared to Facebook, and a significant part of ts users are bots, trolls and fake users.

When you think about all these facts, the question cames to mind quickly, will Twitter dissapear?

Before you say anything, my opinion is that it will not dissapear, although its in big troubles, I believe that it will keep existing as long as it doesnt start to loose its critical amount of users, but if they dont find a way to start growing again, they can be in bigger troubles in the not so distant future.

They are already trying to do it, they created the moments feature, that it hasnt worked so far, but at least they are trying, I believe it just a matter of time they find that key improvement they need.

What do you think? what changes should Twitter do if they want to survive?
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    I believe so too. They'll probably think of ways to keep on going. They have s smaller number of subscribers compared to Facebook's, but they're of different platforms. Those who want to share just a snippet of what they're thinking about, there's Twitter. On the other hand, if someone wants to share a whole blog entry about something, there's Facebook. My point is, twitter will stick around for good.
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    I think they lost to Facebook the moment Facebook got Instagram.
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      Originally Posted by broadcastseo View Post

      I think they lost to Facebook the moment Facebook got Instagram.
      I was just listening to a key note speech of a social media guru saying exactly that. When they bought Instagram, Facebook started to dispute Twitters domain over real time content, I believe the people from Twitter didnt react to this when they should have done it, and now most of their problems can be tracked down to that moment.

      We will have to wait and see before predicting Twitters death, I also believe they will addapt and find new ways of surviving, but I think they will never recover the spotlight they once had, they are doomed to be an auxiliary network.
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    I don't think Twitter will disappear, they just have to find a way to bring enough dollars in to support their servers. I honestly don't think social networks should be on the stock exchange, it's far too risky.

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    Well who's to say how long Twitter will be around, or any social network for that matter. That's why it's best to just siphon traffic from all these social networks as much as we can and then if the social walls come crashing down, at least our businesses will still be standing and going strong
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    I doubt it will go away, somebody like Microsoft or Alibaba Group will buy it when the price is right. It may be rolled into another product though.
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  • Just like snapchat, Twitter would have to find or develop a tech which will keep them relevant in the fast Digital World. But anyways, even if Twitter doesn't do anything surprising, what should keep them floating is the sheer no. of users.
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    I hope they can last I use Twitter all the time to drive traffic to my site.

    I think they just need to keep innovating to stay relevant. Social media is changing at a very rapid pace and any platform that doesn't keep adding new features to stay relevant could get lost in the dust of Facebook and any other new or growing social media platforms.
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    I don't think theyll disappear but they wont ever be #1

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    It could disappear, but it's hard to say. Twitter was considering selling a few months back.

    But then again the 2016 election saw an explosion in news on Twitter.

    If they want to survive they need to adapt to the changing market. Just look at what Instagram did with Instagram stories.
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    I can't find Twitter.
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    Well they did shut down Vine, so you know that isn't a good sign.

    Because viral accounts for something :)

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