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Hey all,

Im looking to create a fanpage around one of my offline passions

Style and fashion!

I will use this to create a sales funnel and sell my own products to fans.

Specifically ill be niching down - this will be about style and looking good for a certain demographic.

What colors and fits, products etc look great. Ive already had people tell me its a great idea.

This is a niche that i find interesting. Finally, no false pretending around liking random things for the sake of selling aff products.

The goal is to power a separate website and marketing funnel through this page.

As opposed to waiting forever for seo.

Ill post updates - follow along! Starting at 0 likes.
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  • Congratulations on your new project! The fashion niche is a very challenging one! You have a lot of competitions and the audience there is quite complex.

    I will be waiting to see more about your progress!
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    Fanpage niche selected and published.

    Updated with page cover, and profile photo.

    Purchased a domain to go w/ fanpage.

    Installed optimize press.

    Created a logo.

    Niche research
    - looked at sales copy / letters of products similar to what i plan to create.
    - spent time on forums / reddit to look for niche pain points.
    - decided on my lead magnet of choice.
    - planning out a content calendar with ideas (still in progress).
    - read amazon product reviews of style books with the goal of collecting niche pain points.
    - sketched out the concept behind a product (with a lead magnet to splinter from it).

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    - all other im projects are now on hold...its just this funnel...

    - i've created the fanpage, an attached blog (using optimize press) and now am starting the giant task of bringing likes into the page.

    To do this I'm not running like campaigns.Instead, I'm focusing on boosting posts (images) and hoping that they bring about enough likes.

    updates soon to follow on this.

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    someone would make a killin in fashion/apparel by importing modern clothing that is listed on ebay and rosegal. Just get the sizing right and have a little customer service. The asian suppliers get our sizing all wrong, even if you order a XXL or XXXL its still like a size medium! and they are a total ripoff with zero chance of returns. low hanging fruit out there

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    Hye Harry.
    Thats really will be a great work to do for ur self as well as for ur fans too.
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    1/1 Update

    Happy new year! Lots has been happening. I'm going to try and summarize the big things.
    • I've expanded from just fb. Now I have pages on instagram and twitter. I'm posting the same motivational / style photos to those profiles as well. I mean, why not right? Since they're mine, I might as well do so.
    • Using FollowLiker. I've been scouring the blackhatworld forums for information on how to use followliker slowly and safely. Since I have a full time job, time is valuable and I don't want to waste it - if I can automate a task, I'm gonna do it. So followliker will run in the background for my twitter / IG while I'm at the office- following people etc.
    • Social media automation. SocialPilot is the winner for me over hootsuite and buffer (which now requires money, no free version). Im using it it to post content to twitter, IG, and even a throwaway pinterest page I've made (which I plan on cultivating as well, just not as hard). However, I upload to the FB page directly (for organic reach).
    • Starting to get into a rhythm with social media image creation and stuff like that. My designs are getting better and they just stick to one font, using IG filters etc to make them look good.
    • Facebook page has grown to 2,000 fans. Well not QUITE 2k but gonna get there shortly. Averaging about 3 cents per like. The key is to boost posts to different audiences, tweak, test, and hope for the best. If something goes viral and gets super cheap engagements, let it run. Kill the losing posts. It only costs $1/day to test, so why not? Now - gotta get to 50K fans.
    • this is a passionate audience. People have really shown an interest in my niche. You see, I'm not creating content for generic style / mens wear, but rather a demographic in the niche, which will remain private throughout this journal. "the riches are in the niches" they say.
    • Niche research: I have sticky posts at the top of each profile linking to a survey. When people click, they are taken to a google forms survey in which I ask them basically "what are your pain points with style?" They then reply, respond, and now I have pain points and product ideas hand-delivered to me instead of scouring forums (which dont get me wrong, I'm still doing).
    • Projects on deck: Product creation, starting to build an email list from the FB, twitter, and IG profiles (which are still half a year away IMO from all being huge), and the actual blog! the blog / website will be focused around value giving posts and answering questions. I'll be revealing more in detail soon enough.
    • Skills I need to work on to succeed: copywriting, email marketing, membership site technical details, customer management, etc.

    Thats all for now! more coming soon.

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    brief update: almost at 5k likes

    Getting ready to start the email list building phrase

    At 100+ followers on instagram and twitter

    Going to take some time to keep pace with the fb page

    Getting pretty good engagement, clicks and likes so far.

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    1/15 Update

    So what's being going on:
    • 5K fanpage likes: fb has been a pretty good source of traffic for my niche. And, I'm only at 5K likes. Most pics I post get good engagement, like 50-100 reactions. I can definitely see a *WELL-KEPT* fb fan page with XXX,XXX likes being all the traffic you ever need to run a biz.
    • how to do it: The trick to building a fb page is posting funny / cool images and great content, wait for one post to get more likes than the average, then boost it.i'm getting likes in the USA at 2 cents a like with this strategy.
    • Free Giveaway for Survey: In exchange for people listing out their pain points for me, I'm doing a free giveaway PDF, and it's working like a charm...Now I know what products to create.
    • Twitter / IG Growth: Using followliker to expand these...slowly. Follow liker has been good for twitter and IG, but its gonna take some time for my accts to age (maybe 2 more months) before I can really let it rip. I'm just doing basic, low-level liking, following and commenting. Trying to stay under the radar so I dont get banned.
    • Next Steps: going to finish creating my lead magnet, followed by a landing page and opt in, for people to start signing up to my email list.

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    What's up! Some things have happened since my last post.

    10K followers on FB: got a good look at things that I can be dong to increase my audience, engagement, crowd, etc. On top of that, I read a great viral fb guide / course that allows me to begin being more strategic with fb growth. it's paying off! About to hit ten Gs on my page. I still pretty small! There are pages out there in 100K and 1million range even. Trying to get there.

    Writing sales copy / letter for my first product now. This is my absolute focus, to set up a recurring subscription offer and grow that. Instead of trying to launch this, that, etc; I'm going to push myself to create one value giving product and try and ascend to the top with it.

    Been a bit slow, which like LOL, with my planning out and execution. Way too slow! I thought my blog would be up by now. and while 10K is a good growth for a page, my twitter and IG pages are lagging. Got about 100 followers on both. Not enough.

    I read this thread:

    And now I'm starting to realize that some people are doing this way better, growing way faster, and I need to figure out how to get that kind of audience!

    It's a bit intimidating, but I'm thinking about getting some coaching from people haha on how to grow twitter and instagram like that.

    Anyway, talk soon!

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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