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Hello Everyone Good Morning,
I just created my Facebook page and now I want to increase likes on my page so now what I do ?
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    This post might be a little older, but the process is still evergreen.
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    you need to post your page in facebook groups ask people to visit and like your page.
    Organic likes are always better than bots.

    Paying for phoney likes is a waste of time and money.
    one thing you can be sure of if a site claims to get you REAL facebook likes . It is bull ...
    We do social media for a living....
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    If your content is quality content then best would be to use facebook ads.
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    You can go to similar pages as your own and start engaging with people.
    like, comment and share as your page , not as your personal profile.
    Give value to that page and you will soon see visitors and likes on your own page as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    • Post engaging content material
    It’s important to publish attractive, engaging, interesting, and exciting content material to your business page.
    • Be active and post regularly.
    • Use your facebook page Insights and check out your target audience is active on facebook.
    • Promote your Facebook Page everywhere.
    • Share other business pages – Drop comments or like business pages.
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    Create a attractive post and share in related groups.
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    Participate in some like exchange groups, where people will like your page in return you have to like their's page.
    Improve your content material and posting techniques on facebook (Quality Posting).
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    Share an interesting post, and post it in related groups to gain traction.
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    If your post is effective and interesting then automatic increase your link.
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  • post the image according to recent trends which can increase the engagement of the users.
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    Find the same pages as yours and message them to know if they are serious in sharing your page link on their page. Tell them; in return you will do the same.
    When I say that try to publish a article at the best time, I mean to say that utilize the time when people are most likely to click on your post.
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