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Hey Warriors,
I have a question. I am seeking a great program that will help me to easily grow my instagram pages and my facebook pages. I currently have an auto body repair shop, a film production company and a company that has natural herb products to promote. I ordered conjuregram and thought that would be a perfect solution for instagram. Unfortunately, I could never log-in and customer service was non existent so that was a bust. I am needing something similar to that program that actually works. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. I need to grow all of these organically without fake followers. I know content is king but if I could grow these with actual active followers, who comment and like and share that would be great. I am new to this so any advice or recommendations would be great. Thank you
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    A lot of these services are lacking in the customer service department and more geared to those who have a lot of time to learn the program through research + trial and error. Massplanner and instagress are quite popular. With these programs you really need to have some experience or you WILL get banned. Also you need to configure all the settings unique to your niche in order to get followers that will benefit your service. If you are a business owner it may be better to hire someone with experience to manage your accounts if you don't have the time for all the research.
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    I have used this site to increase followers for our clients. A good service
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    Thanks so much for the advice, I will check into these and possibly fiverr as we certainly dont want to get banned.
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    I would also suggest you to go with MassPlanner as that is working for me. Besides that you can add your own twist that can help you gain followers easily.
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      How do you keep from getting your account banned on MassPlanner?
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