How Can I Increase My Instagram Followers?

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Hi guys !
I have an Instagram account and I want to increase the number of followers.
Man, Anyone can help me to increase that?
I want to know the strategy.

Please help me !!
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    Can you tell us if you have done something to increase the followers.
    There are several ways to increase followers.
    Like You can go with Follow/UnFollow strategy, Or you can go for Shoutout and Instagram advertising.
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    People are selling Instagram followers on fiver but I am getting reports they fall after some time. How strange is that.

    I tried Facebook advertising but it was not 2 successful.
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    You can pay for shout outs or paid ads to gain followers faster.

    Otherwise if you want to grow it free I suggest following around 100 people per day that are in your niche or demographic. Don't do much more than 100 per day you don't want Instagram banning your account for spam.
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      Can you tell how I set up a campaign for Instagram for more followers?

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      When you are are doing the 100 per day are you following/unfollowing? Are you unfollowing people who dont follow you back? 100 per day can lead up to a lot if know one is following back.
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    Hii Johnconnor0,

    Daily posting on Instagram. Follow your target audience.
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    Hashtags look bad to some people, but it's a great way to garner traffic to your posts. Instagram allows no more than 30. When you find the right combination of hashtags you'd be surprised how much it can help your page!
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      Maybe there are some famous sites that promotes the Instagram account for money !! and that's legal anyway.
      I also stumbled from 5-6 years ago with Facebook paid people that could sell 100 likes for money but that is considered as spam.

      I would love to hear about legal Instagram advertising services.

      Thanks & regards,
      -Gustavo Woltmann
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  • If you want to do it organically just be consistent. 2-3 times a day, post at times where people are just getting out of work, but also keep in mind the different time zones. Sunday is by far the only day out of the week besides holidays when timing doesn't matter unless you want to post at 11pm and some places its already monday. THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle, post great content, eye catchy... nothing blurry or that doesnt fit your audience. ENGAGE with people in your niche even if you dont follow them. Go out of your way to send a nice comment. These are just a few tips, i can go and on.
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    Two things I would recommend are:
    * Using focused and appropriate hashtags and,
    * Creating engaging posts through storytelling or asking questions.

    Use the caption below your image to write and engage with your audience; talk about something personal and relevant, ask genuine questions or for feedback. Don't shallowly ask for follows or for obvious responses (like "who else has a cat?!"), ask something that requires more thought ("Have you ever had a moment where you thought you'd lost your cat?") or something with a story behind it.

    As for hashtags, you can post a comment immediately after posting and include 5 '.' one under the other, then list your relevant hashtags.
    e.g: .
    #instagram #warrior #forum #etc...
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    It still seems the best way to get a random follow is to follow someone else. You can either follow many accounts like 160 per hour I think it is or last was. But that can be tedious and time consuming or you can use an automation tool like Instagress which I use everyday. Set it up to follow people who follow related accounts to get targeted followers and run Instagress and it will automatically follow the followers of others once you set it up to do that and this will get you followers I usually average 4k-5k followers per month when I actively use Instagress per Instagram account. Here is a video on how I use Instagress to get followers:
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    You can increase your Instagram followers by using following tips:
    1. Use hash tags and interact with the audience
    2. You can start contest on Instagram and it is also a great way to reward your current followers and you can also interact with new followers
    3. Share high quality and interesting videos
    4. Like and comment on the Photos of other users
    5. To post your contents, find the correct time when your audience is awake
    6. Post contents frequently on Instagram
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    You CAN have more IG followers through:
    1. Doing the follow/unfollow strategy (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't)
    2. Using the right hashtags
    3. Updating your feed with fresh and interesting posts
    4. Opting for the paid option to possibly boost followers

    Good luck!
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      If you want to start a campaign to earn more followers, then you have to know what you're going to post. You can't just post random stuff and expect followers, you need to be giving them something in return with the promise of more if they follow you.

      Work out a schedule/calendar of posts and topics you will touch upon. It's easier to maintain activity now between posts by using their 'Stories' function (posting on-the-spot photos and videos to a news bar) and continuing your online presence while you work on new posts.

      Engaging with them earnestly, asking questions, and inviting other people on a similar 'journey' to join you. Using appropriate hashtags will help you accomplish this too.

      Don't buy phoney followers from Fiverr or some other flea market, the only way to get honest followers is to engage with them honestly and post regularly.

      Follow the hashtags that you use to find other people striving for the same thing, newcomers to Instagram appreciate new followers and are more likely to follow you back. Comment on other people's posts and share your experience.

      This thread was started way back in January so I hope our advice has been helping and motivating you.
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        Couldn't agree with you more. I would be VERY careful of buying followers, because Instagram is cracking down HARD on these sorts of tactics right now as we speak. To Instagram, they simply see this as buying fake followers and they CAN tell, it's not too hard to spot signs of buying fake followers, likes etc. It is something I would stay far away from, people who know where to look can spot fake followers pretty easily. It's just such a bad long term strategy. Hope this helps guys!
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  • you can grow followers organically by using hashtags related to your niche

    looking for a 2d explainer video? Click here

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    since Instagram is very secretive about their operations, there's no way to confirm what they're doing right now and how they're doing it, but they most definitely are currently cracking down on buying followers, likes, and I think even the usage of automation softwares, due to many people using them in such spammy ways.

    they have to clamp down on this to protect their ad product and their ad revenue, and even though there's no way to confirm what exactly it is that they're doing, I would stay far away from any tactics other than strictly organic on Instagram right now because they are definitely cleaning house right now and shutting down accounts left and right.

    There are several signs on Instagram that show that this is what they are currently doing. Hope this helps guys!
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  • • To increase Instagram followers you should follow the following steps:
    o Use hashtags that are known to help increase followers
    o Like and follow plenty of pictures from people in your target audience
    o Hold a contest on Instagram
    o Promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts and profiles
    o Like and comment on other users' photos
    o Post photos at 2am or 5pm
    o Make sure your bio is complete
    o Ask questions in the captions of your photos
    o Post on Sundays
    If you will follow these steps you can definitely increase your Instagram followers.
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    Starting from scratch, you can get to 10K in around a month (amusing you get stuff done).

    Here's a few tips.

    Post relevant posts with 30 hashtags (I prefer putting them in the comment section).

    Make sure the pictures you post are good.

    Look at accounts in your niche to see what pictures are getting great engagement and model them.

    Get others to engage on your posts when you first post them which allows you to get to top posts for hashtags.

    This can be done by searching for engagement groups to join.

    Aside from that...

    Shoutouts and story shoutouts help a lot too.

    After you get the ball rolling, it really starts to pick up.
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    You can use some ways to get followers
    1. You can use targeted tags with the image you post
    2. You can use follow and unfollow tricks
    3. You can also get shoutouts and also comment on peoples from. In this way you will get notified in people profile.
    4. You can follow them and also unfollow them if they doesn't follow you.
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    Have you tried the follow/unfollow strategy? You can also take advantage of using the hashtags and mentions.
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    Sharing interesting, unique and informative posts. Follow more people and be active.
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    To increase your Instagram followers you will need to the following:

    identify your target audience by using your niche based hashtags
    Using the hashtag comment and like on post from other users
    Make a habit of posting at least thrice a week (increase your online visibility)
    Post high quality content that are related to your niche and are attractive to your followers
    On your posts, always include a Call To Action( something you need your followers to do) e.g comment on my post below
    Instagram is all about love, show some love to your followers and they will do the same

    Best Web Hosting Provider in India | Best Shared Web Hosting in India | Best VPS Hosting in India-

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    Like a lot of random pics from your target audience, post original content, post daily and follow people. Use popular hashtags
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    Here are some techniques that I use:
    • Find popular Instagram accounts related to your niche and ask them to post your image along with username.
    • Be active and engage with your followers by commenting and liking their photos.
    • Consider tagging brands and or relevant influencers, since most people will check out each other's tagged photos.
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    It will take some time unless you are an celebrity. People who have lots of followers usually post looking good food or expensive brand stuff. or If they are hot or handsome they post their picture.
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    if you post some good contents and informative contents on your post,and if you follow many peoples ,then tag many peoples/pages,so that you can increase your followers....
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