Traffic from pinterest, how to?

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How can I get organic traffics from Pinterest to my e-commerce website?
Tried to upload some pins and there is no shares to them. how people can reach them?

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    The bad part about free traffic is that it takes time. The good part is it is free. You need to follow people with a large number of followers in your niche. Next follow people who are pinning content related to your area. Hopefully you have boards set up with at least ten pins in them... You can pin the content of people with large following so they will notice you. Some of these people will follow you back and check out your pins. If your content is good they will also share your pins. It largely depends on your niche and who you follow and then if your content is good with awesome pics for the pins.
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    Pinterest is one of the most important social media channels and the successful business companies utilize it to drive huge amount of traffic to the website. You can use the following guideline to promote traffic from Pinterest:
    1. Choose HD and eye catching Images
    2. Display the official Pin It button on your site. So that visitors could add things from your webpage to their Pinterest accounts
    3. Add your website URL in the profile description
    4. Make your blog posts and pins easy to find because the pins on Pinterest are also indexed
    5. Engage with your followers. Without engagement users won't notice brands and services offered by your business
    6. Make a contest board because it increases the traffic and user engagement as well
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    Create board and share good and high quality image, Try to Increase engagement on Pinterest. You can increase engagement by liking others pins and pinning consistently so that pins appear in the feeds of your followers.
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    Here Some Best Tips from Some all Time Pinterest Star:
    Make 12-15 Boards Use Your Targeted Keywords as Their Name.
    Make attractive and impressive Pins.
    Add your Keywords also in your profile Name and description.
    use Rich Pin open graph in your Website.
    Save other ideas also follow your follower
    I'm a Technical SEO expert and SEO consultant and a Fron End Developer too
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    You should seek your friends share, like, comment on the links, to increase the interaction, as the siege will be of great help
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    Follow people in your niche to build up your following and create some awesome pins that people will share, but make sure the pins lead back to your website or specific page you want them to land on.
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    Pin Images from your website.. or put your website link in the link option
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    I also learned how to get affiliate links from some sites accepted. It does not like click bank, but if you can pin the image from a website you can usually change the URL it links to. It worked for me on a lot of things but for warriorplus and clickbank I had to make a subdomain and redirect
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    There are a lot of good pinterest courses and software out there. If you go the software route, I'd recommend Jonathan Leger...he has some pretty cool Pinterest software..You can also search pinterest here on warrior forum
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