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I have just created a Facebook group for affiliate marketers, are there any tips help me to grow it with more members and posts daily?
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    There are over 1 billion groups on facebook.It is a mammoth social network to help you find the ideal customer.First if you can be precise in terms of who you want to help ,you'll be able to describe your group more effectively.
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    Maybe start by inviting your friends, then ask them to invite their friends. You can also try a Twitter account for the group and post tweets with hashtags related to your group's agenda. People who follow the twitter account may also want to join your group. Facebook is a funny network because it does not do much to help people discover new things (unless you advertise there) in my experience. But twitter does. But each person has his/her own experience.
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    Only being active wont help much. I have seen many groups where he admin are very active but still group appears to be silent.

    In my opinion you should create a group of members either your close ones or paid ones and ask them to be active on group sharing information and asking questions. That will create buzz in industry and more people would be interested in joining but one thing to be kept in mind is that what you want in final.
    More members or high engagement.

    and work as per that.
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    Post lots of quality content.

    The links don't have to be yours.

    You can get topnotch MMO / AM content links from Twitter.

    Establish credibility by being a TOPNOTCH curator of solid content.

    Post SOLID original content and pay VAs to spread that content to other groups or even in the 'user post' section of related pages.
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    Facebook is all about posting content that other people will share to their friends as well, and trying to create a viral effect for your page.
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    Facebook is one of the best social media website and providing one with the best options for promoting ones business also. One can post content that other people will be sharing it with their friends that will also be helping you out growing your Facebook groups.
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    add more and more member which is related to your topic. also allow to post content on your group for other members.

    Top mobile app, games, and web development company in India AIS Technolabs

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    To Grow more friends in FB group some steps can be followed by you :
    - Building Relationships
    - Invite your friends all but-don't immediately incorporate them in-group
    - Discuss your blog post
    - Post inside the group five times in one day
    - Establish so on and yourself as an expert and so on.
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    in my opinion you should SEO Grow top of google and other search engines.
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    Find groups with active posts and join, put some time in to that group and lure the active members whilst keeping your group active with two way engagement. Get them to vote do contests win a give away etc. Must keep the group active you will lure others,
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    Building a Facebook Group is a moderately better approach to develop your business. Assemble it from the beginning, draw in gatherings of your optimal customers, pack them together, make them talk, and afterward offer to them.
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    Post good content , tweet everyday , Invite your friends, Interact lots with others, Daily 3-4 tweet.
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    Post good quality content , follow others, Discuss about your blog post
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    Content you post now on daily basis should be interactive yet simple so that existing members by themselves should promote & suggest your group to more people.
    You yourself can join other relevant groups are promote your group over there.
    Be specific about the content getting posted in your group by the members.
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    You should look up the program called MassPlanner. Also, post good content, ask others to invite friends, advertise it on other groups, and maybe try contests.
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    If you want to grow your facebook group then the first thing that you require to do is to update your facebook account with quality contents frequently. User always prefer to read unique and quality posts and if your FB page would offer great quality then your group is bound to expand.

    But to grow your group you require to engage with your audience as well. You can comment and like the posts and comments of other Facebook users to drive more traffic to your FB page.
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