Is there a way to Increase Facebook Page likes or Twitter followers?

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Tell me your best strategy to increase facebook page likes or twitter followers?
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    Try to share useful information on the page about your brand or business to audience & share your page at Facebook groups which are relate to your brand or business. And one more thing that those groups should have large number of members, you can get more likes.
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      Very true.... i tried this strategy and it works and brings lot of likes and engagement. I was using other accounts to do that, but lately Facebook blocked me from sharing, on all those accounts.... Wondering if there is any specific way to share without being blocked. and thank you
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      • There is proper mechanics of sharing like per day share to only 10 posts but keep time in them, like after every half hour share one post another to next half hour and so on... Facebook is very strict now.
        Along with it add friends, like other pages, comments, build relationship with the users.
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    Of course, there is a way. If you find time to invest into the social media and present to people quality articles, then you will have a long term success.
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    Viral content is the easiest way to increase likes and your presence quickly. Things like animals, politics and memes generate activity faster than anything else.

    Get HIGH quality article content! $1.50 an article! Original and copyscape passed! Limited time only! PM me if interested.

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      Agreed. Viral content about animals and memes get a lot of views on my Facebook page.
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    Whether you're looking to increase facebook page likes or twitter followers, there's one answer to it - improving the user experience. Unless the user is engaged with your brand, you'll not get the expected results. So, focus more on how you can improve the user engagement.

    You can go through this article and I'm sure it'll solve your problem.
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      Thanks, Sam for this article. I am looking to increase both twitter and facebook followers.
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      Originally Posted by Sam Perry View Post


      Whether you're looking to increase facebook page likes or twitter followers, there's one answer to it - improving the user experience. Unless the user is engaged with your brand, you'll not get the expected results. So, focus more on how you can improve the user engagement.

      You can go through this article and I'm sure it'll solve your problem.
      This is strange advice to say the least. People on social media are not on your website. What you need to do is engage with people on social media, and that has nothing to do with the design of your site.
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        I understand your concern. The article might not go exactly with context. However, with the help of the article, I wanted to convey that it's more to do with the user engagement. Whether it's a website or social media platforms.
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    You can grow Twitter followers using the follow-unfollow strategy.

    1. Follow people that are active in your niche.
    2. Wait a couple of days.
    3. Unfollow those accounts that did not follow back.

    It is social media etiquette to follow back, so you can gain a lot of Twitter followers this way.
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    creative posts, polls, contests and giveaways or try to make your page page engaging as much as you can
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      Hey Nitesh, We are not allowed to create polls on facebook pages or twitters. As, i cannot found such option especially on facebook pages.
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    If you are ready to spend money, try facebook ads and twitter ads. You can definitely see the result if you use it wisely.
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      Not to backup the obvious too much, but Facebook Ads are the fastest and (in my opinion) the best way to grow a targeted following
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      • Facebook ads are definitely good to grow an audience. However I have noticed that the "likes" that you get are not very targeted. The ROI is very very low compared to adwords.
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    Keep posting content, network with your audience, there is also paid ways to get more likes/followers
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    Do not just upload any content or image by keeping your business or website growth in mind. share posts which customers are interested to reshare. You can create a concept that combine with business term and customer's interest.
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    When I was big in Virtual reality circles, I use to hang out with all the top guys on VRChat...

    replying to tweets, asking questions, joking around with them even getting into debates via twitter, I jumped from 10 followers to 15k in 2 weeks...

    The follower part isn't hard you just have to be the dancing monkey for the people...

    Imo, people go on these platforms not to be sold to but to be entertained...
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      Originally Posted by Little Affiliate View Post

      When I was big in Virtual reality circles, I use to hang out with all the top guys on VRChat...

      replying to tweets, asking questions, joking around with them even getting into debates via twitter, I jumped from 10 followers to 15k in 2 weeks...

      The follower part isn't hard you just have to be the dancing monkey for the people...

      Imo, people go on these platforms not to be sold to but to be entertained...
      Social media is having a conversation and engaging. And what do you mean "when I was big in VR"? It is an emerging technology.
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        yes, the little emerging fields like 360 video, user generated worlds, custom avatars, etc, were popping up on a few platforms...

        but one in particular has a lot of buzz in the industry, which I was a part of, I just made friends with the ones that were regulars like developers and entertainers, because it interested me.

        It's the same with other industries as well, just make friends and the business comes with it.

        I see that to be true no matter where you go.
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      Sounds interesting, wouldn't mind to try that out
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    You might also want to post this question in the social media section of this forum.

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    It really depends on your ultimate goals.

    Buying ads on FB will get you likes quickly.

    Some FB groups have a thread where you can Post your page in exchange for liking 3 other pages.

    Ask your personal FB friends to like your page by inviting them to like it.

    For both FB and Twitter, follow what other people said and share useful information relevant to them.

    Twitter is pretty easy.
    1. Follow relevant people.
    2. Share their stuff (include their handle)
    3. Thank everyone who follows you with a tweet and follow them back.
    4. When people retweet your stuff, follow them and thank them with a GIF.
    5. Like Tweets from people you follow who don't follow you back.
    6. Use hashtags.
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    here is what you can do .. it may sound simple but when you see
    the result it will certainly astonish you... all you need to do is just go to
    linkedin and join a group called toplinked or search for group for 'facebook' in your search term., where you can find similar
    minded people like you and me buzzing around its win win as you like
    or follow their fb / twitter they reciprocate and you can see your account
    with real people flocking around and you can network and post your
    offers and see theirs too... let me know once you or my dear warriors attain your dream total followers ....
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    1. creative, engaging posts with great images.
    2. offer some type of incentive or reward for likes, comments (ex: 20% off coupon for folks that comment)
    3. go like a bunch of folks that you are in your niche, competitors, complementary products
    4. as folks like you or friend you, you can see their friends - friend them too
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    The quick and easy for FB is to run ads. I just boosted my page and set the budget to $10 as a test. I then checked the box that I only wanted to pay for Likes. Add in your targeted audience and then you'll start to get the likes soon thereafter. Mine averages about $.50 per like.
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      Good reminder about only wanting to pay for Likes on Facebook. I forgot to do that when running FB ads before.
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    You need to follow some simple strategies.

    1. The foundation lies in the appeal of your Facebook page. It has to be informative plus attractive catering to the needs of users. You have to show what exactly your page is about and how it can benefit users.
    2. Develop relationships with similar businesses by liking and sharing their links on your site as they reciprocate by promoting yours.
    3. Post when majority users are online.
    4. Reach them by liking and sharing their posts.
    5. Follow.
    6. Use relevant hashtags in your posts.

    Hope it helps
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      Hey Deepak,

      Everything sounds perfect and helpful. Where to find relevant tags?
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    Create and share for Facebook. Create an original post for your facebook page and share it in multiple groups in the same niche and share it as much as possible.

    Engage in talks in trending topics and do this daily. Slowly your followers will increase.

    Are you in need of Best Video Production Services? 2D and 3d Animation specializes in all types of Video Creation Services such as 2D and 3D Animated Explainer Videos, Typography Videos, Whiteboard Videos, and Instructional Videos.

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    I always respond to useful information as markwilliams said.

    Looking for some internet marketing training? Why not get it free at

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    Quality, useful content is the key whether you are trying to increase engagement on FB or any other platform.
    My Internet Marketing Journey!
    I've gone back to the beginning and I'm documenting it all - Join me and see how it goes!!
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      Spot on Kevin! Adding value that real people would relate to in any niche site or FB page is bound to increase engagement when the right groups and others are targeted wisely. There is no real shortcut to quality engaging content. Viral techniques can get more reach and engagement quickly but it will only be effective when you attract visitors who perceive real value in your content.

      Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
      Connect with the right people

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    You could order some gigs off fiverr for facebook likes and twitter followers.
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      Not a good idea really. You may end up with an apparent massive following but if these people are not directly interested and engaged in what you are doing (which they wont be if you purchased the likes or follows) then it is of no value to you.
      My Internet Marketing Journey!
      I've gone back to the beginning and I'm documenting it all - Join me and see how it goes!!
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    look up creating your own audiences

    Looking for some internet marketing training? Why not get it free at

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    You need to post good content only, by which your follower & like will be increased daily. Make some posts in various groups which is related to you. Thanks for your interest.
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    way to Increase Facebook Page likes
    Invite friends, Make more admins, Share Pictures & Latest News Updates which is highly shareable, Held a Fan-Only contest, Share your page to your Wall as well as other Social Networks.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    First off, provide good information. Second, use the Boost option on Facebook to advertise to the specific audience you're trying to reach. There are also some really good service providers you can find at places like Konker or SEOClerks who can help you out.

    Want to know the fastest way to $10k per month? Free webinar shows how-

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    If your page is fairly new you may also try a quick facebook like campaign for $5-$10 to generate some initial momentum to your page. Of course try and target people who will be most interested in your page once they like it so you can continue to engage them with follow-up content long term
    Best of luck!
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    Sharing viral stuffs does work. The Twitter follow and unfollow strategy is new to me. Thanks dcristo.
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  • Share original, useful, and valuable content

    With quality content, you give your Facebook page more virality. People will
    share it with their own friends, and so on.

    Images work great for viral content. But consider any thought-provoking and
    even inspirational posts.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment!

    Optimize your Facebook profile

    Your page profile is a great introduction, and often leaves that all-important
    first impression on visitors. So make it good!

    Choose a page name that corresponds directly to your business name, as well
    as sharp cover and profile images.

    Don’t skimp on your description and contact information, as well as the various
    services and products that you offer.

    Let people know what they can expect from your business, and of course ask
    them to LIKE your page!

    Be active!

    Consistently participating on your page along with other people’s and related
    business’ pages will increase your visibility.
    Comment, share, and participate as much as possible!

    Run contests and promotions

    They’re a great way to increase your online presence and get new

    Be imaginative with your contests/promotions and make sure that they’re fun
    and attention-getting!

    Engage with your fans!

    Communicating with people is key. Just be sure to do it in a way that’s
    authentic, provides value and whatever you do, don’t spam your followers.
    That’s a great way to lose fans!

    Provide timely updates that attract attention, invite sharing, and of course
    attract new fans.

    This also means responding to all posts and comments, even the negative or
    critical ones.

    Use Facebook ads

    Even small ad campaigns that cost a few dollars a day will help boost your likes

    Try different ads and target demographics to see which ones give you the best

    Use #hashtags whenever possible

    Notice a cool trend happening on Facebook that you can connect or relate to
    your business? Use a contextual #hashtag on posts to gain more exposure.

    These basic but effective steps will give you a solid start. Just stay consistent
    and don’t be afraid to experiment!

    There are many more things you could do
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    Try to post interesting, shareable content that is related to your niche, even if this does not come directly from your website. Keep a balance between promotional and content that your followers might want to read.
    Share interesting and high quality content. Share images, videos and emotions.
    This type of content gets more likes and shares and as a result the page gets more fans and followers.
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    Viral posts/Ask friends to juice your posts/ask someone to do a guest post on their page about yours that is cross compatible.
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    It's all in the content. If you post quality content you will get more likes that way.
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  • Profile picture of the author Andrew Hurst
    Consistent content creation, run some ads, guest post on another fb page with their permission to generate interest.
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    People love giveaways in my opinion, can't hurt
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    Offer an ethical bribe, something of value for your target audience for free in exchange for a like, share or comment
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    You'd have to give good, positive value on your posts, and you can also pay for increased likes to your page.
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    You can increase you twitter followers by interacting with an influential person. For example, you can take an interview of a person and then tweet the interview by tagging that person. There is a chance of the interview being retweeted by the person interviewed. In this way you can get highlighted to his/her followers.
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    share detail information about facebook page in facebook groups and google plus community...this way you can connect to many people and if they like your topic they will surely like your facebook page...!!! for twitter try to follow other members of your field and send email to them asking them to follow you as well by sharing unique information...!!!
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    I found that one way to increase followers on Twitter is to find others in the same industry and follow them.
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    You can do a giveaway. Something like: We have 1945 likers, and when we reach 2000 we will give away the following...., for example. And then do a Facebook ad on this post. I think it will increase your likes and followers quite quickly, as long as what you're selling and your content are interesting enough to draw people in and make them stay.
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    Releasing something that all is interested in~~~ If most of your followers are female, you can talk about nail ,cosmetic, hair and so on,Or you release the latest news about sports,politics ,etc. Most importantly, keep your characteristic, which is the most attractive point.
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  • The best way to increase likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter is provide quality content related your brand or product. Audience will follow automatically if content is good and attractive.
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    Try a great traffic resource for social media followers
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    There are some who say 50 engaged followers is better than 500 unengaged followers.Some of your followers will be engaged, reading and valuing your updates, occasionally replying, retweeting, commenting and Liking. Others will just skim through your updates as they appear in their feed.There is no way to avoid an unengaged follower (not that you should). Specifically on Twitter, there are people who will blindly follow thousands of people all in the hopes for a follow back.
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    Including informative posts related to your business.. It is also important to posts funny, fact based etc contents now.

    Tell your existing customers to follow or like your page.

    Yes.. competition and prices are another good way to promote your page.
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  • To increase Facebook and Twitter followrs, i use crowdfire. It helps me look for content that my audience would like and connect with influencers, to help increase my reach.
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    I would like to share What I did to increase my twitter followers:
    1. follow niche related people(100-200)
    2. Follow to followers of niche related people
    3. 5-8 post tweets related to my niche daily
    4. Re-tweets nice tweets related to niche
    5. follow back those who follow me
    6. Automate thank you message for those follow me.
    7. Purchase 10k followers to make my profile looks strong.
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  • If you are looking for shortcut try likeforlike and other website.But they are not from your target market or they are not genuine followers.

    Now coming to real world with real target audience:

    For twitter : Follow and Unfollow 1000 people everyday in your niche and target location also schedule relevant content which your followers will like.I'm sure within 30 days your followers will cross 1500 and they will engage with your .

    For Facebook:
    Share relevant content and share your page in various groups.
    For information please feel free to ping me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jamal Aldein
    When we're trying to build a big following on social media, often we will ask our website visitors and customers to follow us and thereby imply that they're doing us a favour.

    "If you liked this video, then please consider liking us on Facebook - it really helps!"
    This is a good strategy and it can certainly lead to a few more likes and shares.
    But it's not the best strategy.

    Because if you're asking people to follow you on social media, then you're implicitly suggesting that they're doing you a favour and thus there's nothing really in it for them.

    To get a HUGE number of followers, you need to make them WANT to follow you.
    One way you can do this is to do what we're always taught to do as marketers: to supply value. If you're posting useful or interesting content, then people should automatically want to follow you to see more of it.

    But to go further than this, you need to suggest that following you makes someone a VIP - that they are becoming part of an exclusive club or group.

    People love to belong and they love to have things that other people can't have. We love feeling like a part of a privileged group and this is why 'Gold Memberships' are so important. It's not just about what that gold membership gets you: it's about the status and feeling of importance and belonging that comes from it.

    You can create this same kind of identity through your social media by making your brand into more than just a product and instead making it a movement. For example, you'll find that a lot of fitness and weight loss brands will talk about themselves as 'The New Fitness Revolution' or something comparable. Of course people will want to sign up to that! Who wouldn't want to tell people they're part of a new revolution? Or to feel like they're a part of a big movement?

    And this has another amazing benefit too: you're making people feel as though they're taking a step closer to their goal simply by following you.
    When someone makes the decision to get into shape and to look and feel healthier than ever, they will want to do something to cement that decision and to make a statement to that end. Following you is the perfect way to do this!

    Good Luck
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  • Make your post attractive and short and add gif images ,pools ,quiz etc....
    it make to increases your pages like
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    Keep sharing new content on various social media platforms, Connect with your target audience and you can also get more likes/followers on facebook and twitter through online tools like addmefast.
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  • Profile picture of the author WarpedVinyl
    FB: Build relationships with other FB pages with large followings, get involved in comments on their pages. Cross-promotion is key on FB
    - invest in targeted ads but keep in mind you have to spend quite a bit to gain a significant amount of likes
    Twitter: Follow/unfollow strategy works well, ask more questions encouraging engagement, reply to your followers and jump into conversations with accounts that have large followings especially. Crowdfire is also a useful tool (the $20/month package) Utilize trending hashtags on Twitter: I cannot encourage that enough. Also keep in mind that people respond more to posts with images than without.
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    U can buy like, its safe and the price is from $10-$15 for 300 likes
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  • Profile picture of the author lizajack2013
    Promote your Facebook page on other accounts. Tools like Crowdfire enable you to turn on direct message. In that direct message, you can insert something like "If you like my content on Twitter follow me on Facebook!".

    Running contests are still a fantastic way to get more likes for your Facebook page. You can even use your email list to promote the content and have people who only like your Facebook page participate.
    Comment and share pages that are in your businesses space. Just go to Facebook and search the business you are in and comment on articles or things they publish. The admins of the page will end up recognizing your name and end up liking your page over time.
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  • Profile picture of the author David Jones42
    use massplanner it is one of the best tool for automation and increase follower.

    Top mobile app, games, and web development company in India AIS Technolabs

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  • Profile picture of the author businessloverre
    There are a lot of ways. I love this way.

    Tell your friends to share your page and deal with famous pages to promote your page.
    And for Twitter, follow for follow. You can earn 100 followers in a day.
    And the most important thing you have to share useful content.
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  • I myself, am a great supporter to find fans in an organic way. This is mainly due to providing very good tips, articles, information, images, videos and more awesome content.
    1. Provide meaningful content
    First of all, the most important thing you can do is provide useful content on your page on a daily basis. The content should reflect the needs of your target audience.
    2. Invite friends and acquaintances
    This option is often used when you first create a page. So make sure you do so, if you haven't already.
    3. Mention your page in the signature of your email
    In any mail program, you have the opportunity to place a signature. This is simple, yet effective. Everyone who opens your email will now have the opportunity to click the link to go directly to your Facebook page.
    4. Invite your newsletter subscribers
    The target audience of your newsletter is equal to the target audience of your page.
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  • Profile picture of the author hsahadath
    Yes, You can increase your fans and followers.
    If you want to increase your page likes:
    Share valuable content, join different groups and share your contents, add more people and ask them to join, share posts on pick hour.
    It is really easy to increase Twitter followers. Just follow a lot of people and share every day. You need to unfollow those didn't follow you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nikhil Bansal
    If you increase your likes in facebook or twitter so post some useful content in the facebook group and add some Followers or target your audience. if you generate more traffic so you create a facebook ad campaigns.
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  • Profile picture of the author st0nec0ld
    I follow people/businesses relevant to me or to my niche.
    I update as much as possible, engage, ask, reply, tweet or post status, ask questions (to get engagement) and then post videos and images if possible.

    12BET | Live Casino Malaysia

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    for twitter if you follow others, then some of them will start following you as well in reply....for facebook likes add a FB page icon in your blog as well where your readers can like your FB page while reading your blog
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  • Profile picture of the author Prince Clinton
    There are currently an expected 40 million independent ventures utilizing Facebook to advance their image and interface with their clients. In case you're overseeing promoting for one of these organizations, you definitely know that it is so difficult to pull in new "preferences" to your page.

    Be that as it may, while it can be a test to expand your page likes, trying is without a doubt beneficial: one specialist has assessed the normal estimation of a solitary Facebook fan at $174. While this number clearly fluctuates relying upon the business and industry, there's probably catching the consideration and dedication of your intended interest group on Facebook is vital.

    Most advertisers know how to expand Facebook page prefers through Facebook's paid promotion stage, however there are a lot of approaches to develop your preferences without spending any cash. This article will walk you through 50 powerful and free approaches to build your Facebook page likes. Some of these procedures will concentrate on expanding your natural post reach - on the grounds that the more your posts get loved and shared, the more your scope and perceivability increment. What's more, eventually, this is the thing that will prompt the natural development of your page.

    1. Utilize pictures as a consistent piece of your substance system. Regardless of what you may have listened, enrapturing and significant pictures can in any case be an extraordinary approach to build engagement and reach on your page and posts.

    2. The most widely recognized reason individuals, not at all like a brand page, is on the grounds that their posts are uninteresting. Keep a greater amount of the fans you as of now have by posting connecting with substance that addresses the issues of your group of onlookers. See "How to Write More Exciting Content for Your Industry."

    3. Utilize Facebook's Page Plugin (in the past Like Box) on your site or blog. A like catch alongside your blog entries is awesome for getting your substance shared, however the Page Plugin will help you support your page likes.

    4. Connect with different pages in your specialty. Routinely leave keen remarks because of other individuals' posts. Ensure you're remarking as your page instead of from your own profile.

    5. Advance your page on your other online networking accounts. A straightforward 'Like us on Facebook' is probably not going to work. In any case, every so often guiding your Twitter devotees or LinkedIn associations toward dialogs occurring on your page could possibly.
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    There are a lot of strategies you need to do.

    Firstly- You need to join a lot of active Facebook Groups where you can give the post daily something about your business and tell the people that keep in touch to give the facebook link below. Definitely, people will like your page. Well, I had applied on my page and within a week, I got 100 genuine likes. It will work too on your page too.

    Secondly- For increasing twitter followers, the first and foremost you need to follow a lot of people regarding your niche and also see how are they doing for increasing the followers?. Well, I had brought my twitter followers to give the daily post and also tweet on the people profile.

    If you need any help then ping me, I would be glad to assist you
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    Try to post unique,high quality and attractive content.
    Join to groups which are related to your page,and become an active member.
    Advertise where possible.

    Also you can use social exchange sites to get quick likes,but somtimes they may not be permanent.
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  • Profile picture of the author repusurance
    Posting the impressive lines and attarctive image related to the your business or current affairs, share your post in different groups. Like : young youth etc. join those groups which should have large no. of members.

    For twitter : follow the large no. of followers and replies on those tweets where huge members are available.

    Definitely you can get more likes and followers. And if you want fast result, then you can go through the paid ads.
    Repusurance helps you to fix all the online reputation problems faced by your business and individuality.
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    You're asking two very different questions in one sentence here.

    Facebook is much different than Twitter. I will answer the Twitter portion of the question for you.

    With Twitter, there are a few strategies to boost followers and it depends on if you only care about the number or if you want a targeted audience.

    First, you can buy followers for super cheap....I Don't recommend this!

    Second, you can follow people you believe fit your target market in hopes they will follow you back. About 25% will. This strategy is good, but it takes time and you have to be diligent working at it regularly.

    Third, you can use Twitter ads to promote your posts to others. When done right, you can get good, high quality followers for a decent price per follow.

    Finally, share good, high quality content with #hashtags relevant to your niche. Don't just target the big #hashtags, however. Go after low hanging fruit, too.

    Just my two cents.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Facebook page like or Twitter followers depends on what you post on your page. Is it attracted or not? If you can manage your page properly and post attractive content you don't need to worry about page likes or followers. It will be automatically increased.
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    Post articles related to the type of followers you wish to obtain. When you offer relevant stuff to their needs they will recommend you. You will see a slow and steady snowball effect from this. You can also use targeted social media paid methods to do the same thing if you wish to accelerate the process. Both can be very effective.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    Yes, there are many ways to increase Twitter followers. If you just search on Google, you will have many result. Also, try visiting ViralKick,they will teach you how to gain REAL Twitter followers
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    I am using my Twitter account to promote my blogs, and because of my blogs, I can also gain new Twitter followers. so it's a win-win situation for me.
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    The best way to gain Facebook page likes and Twitter Followers is via your content. Make sure to post regularly on your page and profile to attract genuine visitors on it.

    However, if you are in an actual hurry to impress someone then traffup is a really cool website to promote almost every social media profile that you might have - facebook likes, twitter followers, retweets, youtube channel, instagram profile etc.
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