Expanding Internationally - Should I Create a New Facebook Page for the International Website?

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We are expanding our business from the local market of Hungary to cover the whole EU. We bought a new .eu domain name and we'll translate our current Hungarian (.hu domain) website to English. This won't be a direct 1:1 translation, however; some of our services are not applicable internationally (such as event organisation, flyer campaigns etc.), and we're also going to add some region-specific ones.

Since we started out to exclusively in Hungary, our Facebook and LinkedIn pages are in Hungarian as well ("heureka Kreatív Ügynökség" which literally translates to "heureka Creative Agency".) I don't want to change the current Facebook page's name to English though - our audience is mainly Hungarian at this point. We still need a way to get the English name on social media though.

So my question would be if I should create a new set of social media pages for the international brand or not? Is there a way on Facebook to create multilingual pages or content depending on where the user is from?
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    1. You dont have to create a new set of social media pages for the international brand.
    2. You cant create multilingual pages depending on where the user is from
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